Bring me the Pakhan. I'll handle this.
- Rekt, former inmate

The Pakhan is an Exotic Light Machine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division. Its special talent rewards killing enemies with increased ammo efficiency by way of bonus bullets.


The Pakhan is an Exotic variant of the RPK-74 light machine gun (LMG). The gun is adorned with gold and polished wood, both embellished with fine engraving patterns, alongside black metal pieces. As an Exotic, this visual design cannot be changed, although the wooden finish magazine can be replaced with the typical black extended magazine if the appropriate mod is slotted.

Talents and Usage

As is typical of most Exotic weapons, the Pakhan features two random weapon talents and a third, exclusive talent that makes the weapon what it is:

Pakhan Talent.png

Talent | Pakhan
Each kill makes the next reload have 20% extra bullets compared to its base.

When agent scores a kill with the Pakhan, a counter will appear as a listed buff, starting at twenty (20); for each successive kill scored on that magazine, the counter will increase in increments of 20. This counter is the bonus ammo percentage the talent refers to. When the agent finally reloads the Pakhan, that percentage is applied to the ammo count of your next magazine as free bullets based on the weapon's standard magazine size (mods are NOT included). This is reflected in the ammo count of the new magazine, and these bonus bullets do not count against the agent's LMG ammo supply.

For example, an agent who uses the Pakhan with the base 45-round magazine and scores three kills with it will have a counter with the number 60. Upon reloading, 27 more bullets will be added into the next magazine upon reload. Should a player use an Extended Magazine and bump its magazine up to 95, and scores the same 3 kills, only 27 bullets will be added still. This is because the Pakhan's namesake talent compares kills to the base of its magazine, meaning 9 extra rounds are added per kill. This being said, it is still beneficial to run an Extended Magazine to maximize the number of kills an agent can get before needing to reload, thus maximizing the potential benefit.

The bonus buff resets with every reload and is lost if the agent changes weapons; bonus bullets still in the Pakhan's magazine will not be lost if he swaps weapons. The Pakhan cannot be reloaded while still within the bonus bullet supply, meaning the extra bullets must be spent before the weapon can reload. Bonus bullets are lost if the agent uses a resupply crate to top off his ammo supply, though salvaging ammo off the ground does not have this behavior. Bonus bullets and the percentage buff are kept if the agent exits combat, although the previously mentioned behavior still applies.

The Pakhan ultimately rewards an agent for his ammo efficiency - making his ammo magazine last as long as possible and getting the most bang for his buck - with even bigger magazines to continue being efficient with. Instead of reloading after every single kill in a protracted engagement, the Pakhan encourages one to use a single magazine to its fullest and score as many kills as possible without needing to reload. If played to its strengths, the gun will stretch one's LMG ammo supply considerably, letting them last longer in the field without needing a resupply.


  • Pakhan is the title for a big boss in the Russian mafia (Bratva), effectively the Russian equivalent of The Godfather.
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