Update 1.8.2 was announced on the 100th episode of State of The Game; the update was released on June 14th of 2018.

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New things coming along with the update are:

  • Two new Legendary missions (General Assembly, Madison Field Hospital)
  • The Division—Shields (More information will be revealed soon)
  • Reactivation Caches - Reactivation Caches will be granted to all players once Update 1.8.2 has dropped. The caches welcome players back into the game it also prepares them for end-game activities. Caches will be available at the Rewards Claim Vendor for three weeks. Players will earn the following rewards:
  • Full non-Classified (4-piece) sets of Striker, D3-FNC and FireCrest at 256 gear score
  • Six pieces of High End Gear
  • Five weapon attachments and mods
  • Five weapons (one pistol, one SMG, one AR, one shotgun, and one MMR)
  • Three Cypher Keys, 2000 Phoenix Credits and 500 D-Tech

Lastly, Classified Gear balancing and bug fixes are going live with 1.8.2. Here is a short recap of the upcoming changes. The 1.8.2 Patch Notes will be available for a full list of changes.

  • Classified Gear
  • Predator’s Mark—Set Bonus (6 pieces)
  • Hitting 10 shots without switching targets now applies The Predator’s Mark which makes the target bleed for 50% of the damage already done by those bullets. The Damage over time to the target is increased by 15% for every 3000 Stamina and can critically hit the target. When at 9000 Stamina the damage over time bonus is increased by an additional 120%. The Predator's Mark ignores the Status Effect Immunity of NPCs.
  • Path of the Nomad—Set Bonus (6 pieces)
  • 50% chance to have no cool-down for Path of the Nomad when playing solo. Take 60% less damage for 10 seconds after Path of the Nomad is triggered.
  • Tactician’s Authority—Set Bonus (6 pieces)
  • Improved Tactician’s Authority stacks will no longer reset when using elevators. Stacks will now correctly be lost upon activation of Recovery Link.

Reclaimer—Set Bonus (6 pieces)

  • Reclaimer support stations will now self-destruct when the set is unequipped.
  • Gameplay:
  • Opera House Landmark will now spawn NPCs correctly.
    • Support Stations with the highest health per tick will now take priority when in range of several stations.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause items to temporarily disappear from the inventory after having shared an item.
    • Dark Zone Contamination Event effect should no longer remain active once the event has ended.
    • Reduction to the auto-snap on aim via a cooldown after the first use.
    • Fixed an issue which would cause item mods to be unequipped when changing loadouts under certain conditions.
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