Perks are passive bonuses that will enhance your character in various ways. Perks are acquired using SHD tech. Perks can be unlocked in any order. Some perks have upgrade levels. To unlock the higher levels of those perks, you must first unlock the lower levels. Once acquired, they are always active.

List of Perks available Edit

  • Extra weapon slot (this is required to be purchased immediately upon reaching the White House)
  • Restock I and II - Replenishing armor kits and grenades, respectively, in safe areas.
  • Field Proficiency - 50% chance of bonus item in caches for each proficiency cache gained after level 30 (Requires level 30).
  • Armor Kit I, II, III - Increases max armor kits held by 1 per tier.
  • Grenades I, II, III - Increases max grenades held by 1 per tier.
  • Inventory I, II, III - Increases max backpack storage by 10 per tier (Tier 3 requires level 30).
  • Stash I, II, III - Increases max stash size by 20/30/50 slots.
  • Accolades I, II, III, IV, V - Awards bonus XP for, respectively; Headshots, Multi-kills, Weakpoint kills, Tactical kills (or, kills from environmental damage, such as a gas canister), Survivor.
  • Detection I, II - Upon donating enough to a Control Point, awards respectively; loot detection for 10 mins, better enemy detection for 20 mins.
  • Crafting Materials I, II, III - Increases Material capacity to 100/250/500 (Tier 3 requires level 30).
  • Magazine I, II, III, IV - Awards various magazine attachments.
  • Muzzle I, II, III, IV - Awards various muzzle attachments.
  • Optics I, II - Awards various optical attachments.
  • Grip I, II - Awards various grip attachments.
  • Deconstruction I, II - Deconstructing awards more materials (Tier 1), Chance for rare crafting materials when deconstructing (Tier 2).
  • Resources I, II, III - Resource Inventory can carry an additional 50 food, water, and components per tier.
  • Bounties I, II - Unlocks Hard (Tier 1) and Challenging (Tier 2) Bounties. Tier 1 requires unlocking Bounties in the White House. Tier 2 requires level 30.
  • Loadouts I, II, III - Unlocks an additional loadout slot per tier.
  • Signature Weapon Ammo - Increases amount of Signature Ammo dropped. Requires level 30.
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