Police Academy is the third tech main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

A transponder from a First Wave Division agent has begun signaling from inside the New York Police Academy. Investigate the beacon and gather any evidence you find.



Enter the mission through the garage tunnel entrance. Interact with the object on the ground. A wave of Riflemen and two Scouts will spawn. After dealing with them enter the elevator. On your right ahead will be a Rifleman, a Gunner across the hall, and two Riflemen and two Scouts behind a doorway on the right side wall. Turn right on the hallway ahead and head upstairs. Two Riflemen on the current second floor and a Sniper on the third floor will be in sight. Cross the stairwell and head through the hallway up ahead, where Riflemen, Grenadiers and a Scout are standing guard. Then enter the elevator on your left.

You'll find two Riflemen ahead; they will momentarily fall back. Entering the control room, you'll encounter some Riflemen and a scout. Later a wave of Riflemen and a Gunner will spawn. Then a wave of a Rifleman, a Scout, and an elite Gunner will spawn. Go through the server room ahead and go down the stairway and enter the gym. You'll encounter an ECHO beacon, activate it.

Interact with the security system downstairs. While waiting, a Gunner, a Scout, and a Rifleman will enter through the entrance. Riflemen will be position outside. Then later a group of veteran Riflemans, a veteran Scout, and an elite Rogue First Wave Division Agent named Scarecrow will spawn. Later Snipers will enter the battle. Try to dwindle the amount of common Last Man Battalion enemies by remaining inside. Then when possible, head outside and take down Scarecrow. Beware of enemy Snipers outside.


  • A Standard gear through the door where the first wave of Last Man Battalion spawned.
  • Behind a locked door is a Specialized gear.
  • Before entering up the first stairway, turn right to find a Standard gear straight ahead.
  • Before entering up the first stairway, turn right and enter first door on the left the first to find a medic bag.
  • From an open two-door way on the left wing of the first stairwell, there is a lootable cabinet.
  • After crossing the first stairwell, head into the restrooms on the right side to find a lootable backpack.
  • After crossing the first stairwell, take the door on the right to find a Standard gear.
  • Hurdle over a broken window near the elevator to find a grenade case.
  • Turn left after exiting the elevator to find a grenade case.
  • In a locker room on the first door prior to exiting the elevator, there is a medic bag in the locker room.
  • In a server room ahead is a lootable cabinet.


  • In grouped co-op, some enemy squads will have an Engineer.
  • This location is very enclosed, which creates an ideal amount of choke points.
  • After going up the first stairwell, there is a small gap where you can go around the right wing instead of the left wing to flank the Riflemans at the second floor.
  • During the final sequence of the mission, you can use the balcony as a holdout spot if you backtrack upstairs from where you analyzed the ECHO beacon.


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