Calling all units! We have rioters overrunning the precinct. Drop everything and get your asses back here!
- JTF Soldier


As the rioters' leader in Brooklyn, Ripper and his gang of rioters is weakened by the player in Restore Brooklyn Missions, as a result they attacked the NYPD precinct branch in Brooklyn and some JTF soldiers are held hostage in the holding cells. The player is tasked to besiege the precinct along with JTF soldiers, rescue the hostages, kill the rioter's leader in Brooklyn and take back the precinct to strengthen the JTF.


First, agents must join up with the besieging JTF troops to start the mission. Once begun, several Rioters will pour out of the front lot of the precinct to defend it against the player and the JTF soldiers. There are two grenadiers on the rooftop throwing tear gas grenades, along with reinforcements when the first wave of rioters are eliminated. As the player moves forward towards the parking garage, more rioters will arrive to hinder the players progress. Once their defense is weakened, agents should resupply ammo and attack the rioters in the parking garage and the lower floors, rescue the JTF hostages, and they will help in the battle. Once the player has cleared the first floor, they and the JTF will be tasked with sweeping the upper floors. The rioters have nowhere to escape but to stand and fight with their leader, .Ripper The player and the JTF soldiers will kill the remaining rioters on the rooftop, along with Ripper. The mission ends with the player climbing down the precinct and joining up with Faye Lau to meet up with the Senior Second Wave Commander to be extracted to Manhattan.


  • Secure the Parking Lot.
  • Reach the Parking Garage.
  • Secure the Parking Garage.
  • Find the Hostages.
  • Free the Hostages.
  • Sweep the Upper Floors.
  • Neutralize the leader of the rioters.
  • Climb Down the Roof.

Named Enemies

  • Ripper


The mission can be repeated, but you will only receive the XP on the first completion of the mission. The quantity or quality of your reward depends on the difficulty you choose.

  • Exp 2,850


  • Credits 170 Credits
  • Standard Equipment


  • Credits 255 Credits
  • Standard Equipment


  • This mission is not required to be completed on Hard mode to count for the Know No Fear Commendation (Also Achievement/Trophy).
  • Track that plays during the mission is "Precinct Siege", it is from the game's official soundtrack.


The Division - Mission 2 - Precinct Siege

The Division - Mission 2 - Precinct Siege

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