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The Division Wiki it's my responsibility to direct those deeds toward an even greater good...if we're going to get this country back on track we have to do things that won't be popular but I'm not here to woo voters, I'm here to get shit done.
- President Ellis to Division agents

Andrew Ellis was formerly the current President of the United States. Sworn into office at an undisclosed bunker, he succeeded Thomas Mendez, after the latter committed suicide. He was on board Air Force One returning to Washington, D.C., when it was shot down as it was descending to land at Andrews AFB and was listed as K.I.A.

As The Division went into the Bank Headquarters to recover what the Hyenas stole from Air Force One, it was discovered that Ellis was alive and being held hostage. He was subsequently rescued and returned to The White House.

As the Black Tusk invaded Washington, D.C. after the defeat of the True Sons, President Ellis disappeared without a trace. A discovered ECHO incriminated the President working with Bardon Schaeffer and the Black Tusk by giving them the antivirals to cure Green Poison, construed as an act of betrayal against the JTFThe Division and the United States of America. Ellis was subsequently declared a traitor and a manhunt began underway.

Ellis was eventually assassinated by Faye Lau at Camp White Oak during a planned meeting between the two.


Before Ellis was sworn in as the President, he was originally the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He was a potential contender in the next Presidential election but decided not to run. In the Grand Washington Hotel, a poster on a wall reveals that Ellis is part of a pro-Private Military Contractor group and was due to attend a conference with Lt. Col. Charles Bliss of the Last Man Battalion as a guest speaker.

During the initial outbreak of Green Poison, Ellis supported then - President Waller in activating Directive 51 and dispatching the Strategic Homeland Division to New York City. During that time, he was contacted by a mysterious benefactor for an opportunity.

After Waller died of a stress - induced heart attack and President Mendez was sworn in. Ellis was evacuated along with the surviving members of the federal government.

However, after President Mendez supposedly committed suicide from the stress, Ellis was sworn in from a federal emergency bunker in an undisclosed location. Shortly after he was sworn in, he ordered a full retreat of personnel in the Midtown Manhattan Quarantine Zone and the walling off the people who were still inside the zone. Eventually, the quarantine zone was walled off, eventually becoming the Dark Zone.

He met with the CEO of Black Tusk to get briefed on his part of the plan. Ellis decided to return to Washington, D.C. as ordered by the Black Tusk's CEO to make sure The Division fell in line and didn't make the job harder for Black Tusk.

As Air Force One approached it was shot down by a SAM likely under the control of the True Sons and crashed with Ellis on board, it was quickly assumed in the chaos that the President was K.I.A.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

After receiving information from a Hyena informant, The Division raided the Bank Headquarters to recover what the Hyenas stole from Air Force One after the crash. Intercepted Hyena transmissions during the raid revealed President Ellis was still alive and was being held by the Hyenas in the building. The Division quickly found his location and extracts him via helicopter. Ellis then returns to the White House to continue his position as P.O.T.U.S.

President Ellis then called for a meeting with Manny Ortega, Alani Kelso and another agent at The White House, in which he confirms his reasons for returning in that samples of a Broad Spectrum Antiviral medication were sent to D.C. as a "continuity of government" measure and that he knows its location. The medication, according to Ellis, can cure viral infections, which include Dengue Fever, the common cold, and even Green Poison.

However, in order to access the exact location, Ellis requires the briefcase that he was carrying on board Air Force One when it crashed. The Division believes that it is likely with the True Sons at the Capitol and Ellis orders them to get it back by any means necessary.

After The Division reestablishes the SHD Satellite Network, President Ellis gave a speech at The White House, saying that they would kick out the D.C. enemy factions, out of their castles once and for all. The Division soon after launched assaults at the District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island and Capitol Building respectively to do so.

After the successful assault on the Capitol Building, the True Sons' final Stronghold, the briefcase was brought back to the White House. However, as the Black Tusk then invaded D.C., Ellis went missing once again, with no signs of struggle whatsoever.

After discovering the location of the Broad Spectrum Antivirals at a secret laboratory under The White House South Lawn, a Division agent discovers the antivirals have already been taken and an ECHO at the scene reveals that President Ellis was working with the Black Tusk all along and gave them the antivirals instead and then requests to use a satellite phone to contact Bardon Schaeffer's unknown superior.

The Division then desperately stormed the Black Tusk's stronghold at the Tidal Basin, the location where the antivirals were being stored. They were successful in their assault and the antivirals were retrieved with heavy losses to the Black Tusk. However, Ellis was not there and his location was unknown, a manhunt was started to bring him to justice.

After defeating Black Tusk at Tidal Basin and Washington National Airport, The Division discovers President Ellis's location: Camp White Oak, the Presidential retreat, under heavy guard by Black Tusk forces. A joint Division-JTF assault was mounted on the compound, but President Ellis managed to evacuate in an Air Force helicopter with Marine One markings, with the assistance of BTSU operative Ellis Galveston. Having successfully avoided capture. President Ellis was later killed by Faye Lau, during a meeting at Camp White Oak.