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Sends out a recon pulse that marks hostiles and allies through walls and covers. - Description

Pulse is a Medical skill appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division. The Pulse acts as a recon device, spotting enemies and loot from a distance. As with the other skills, there are 3 mods to choose from, with one Master mod as well.

Note: All mods require Medical Wing Upgrade - Quarantine

Mod 1: Recon Pack

The pulse has an increased range and is capable of locating nearby loot containers.

  • Increases Range
  • Reduces Cooldown
  • Marks all lootable containers in Pulse's range

Mod 2: Scrambler

The pulse protects the user and all allies from hostile pulse scans.

  • Reduces Critical Hit Chance
  • Reduces Critical Hit Damage
  • Blocks enemy Pulses when active

Mod 3: Tactical Scanner

Damage is increased when attacking any hostile targets identified by the Pulse scan.

  • Reduces Critical Hit Chance
  • Increases Critical Hit Damage
  • Increases Cooldown
  • Pulsed enemies take more damage

Master: Threat Detector

Requires all Medical Wing Upgrades

The pulse gives an early warning of nearby hostiles and identifies if the user has been scanned by a hostile pulse.

Note that all skill masteries are in addition to the other mods.

Base values for the skill at Level 30

Base: Pulse Mod: Recon Pack Mod: Scrambler Mod: Tactical Scanner
Range 60.0 m 80.0 m 60.0 m 60.0 m
Duration 20.0 s 20.0 s 20.0 s 20.0 s
Critical Hit Chance 5.70% 5.70% 4.90% 4.90%
Critical Hit Damage 5.70% 5.70% 4.90% 6.50%
Cooldown 54.0 s 40.50 s 54.0 s 59.40 s

Max Cap for all Pulse Scans

Critical Hit Chance: 60%

Critical Hit Damage: 101%

Cooldown: 20 seconds


  • The pulse skill is useful for scanning an area for nearby hostiles, this effect can also be amplified by equipping the recon pack which extends the pulse range even further.
  • Equipping the Tactical Scanner allows the owner and its affected group members to deal increased damage against pulsed enemies; this is especially useful against Elite enemies.
  • When exploring the world pre-endgame, Recon Pack is a good choice in order to locate hidden supplies


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