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The RPK-74 is a Light-Machine Gun found in Tom Clancy's The Division.

There is also a unique version called the "Pakhan", which sports a gold and black finish with bright brown wooden parts, and has the special ability of increasing its magazine count by a maximum of 20% if it kills an enemy before reloading.

The classic variant is used by Rioter heavy gunners.

Real World Weapon

The RPK-74 is a light machine gun of Soviet origin. The RPK is a gas operated, magazine fed, air cooled, selective fire weapon.The basic action, with a long-stroke gas piston located above the barrel and a rotating bolt, is similar to that of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The trigger unit and safety is also the same, therefore the RPK fires from a closed bolt in both semi-automatic and automatic modes. The barrel is permanently fixed to the receiver and cannot be replaced in the field.

Ammunition feed is from magazines only. The magazine interface is same as on the Kalashnikov assault rifle in the same caliber, and RPK and AKM magazines are interchangeable. However, the standard magazines for RPK are of extended capacity. The most common are curved box magazines holding 40 rounds of ammunition.


  • Classic RPK-74
  • Military RPK-74M
  • Black Market RPK-74 E
  • Pakhan


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