Raids are a new type of mission in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Unlike Missions and Strongholds, Raids can be done by up to 8 players, divided into 2 sub-teams of 4 (they are only scaled for 8 players). Raids are much longer than any Mission and Stronghold and is only unlocked at World Tier 5 at specific Gear Scores.

Bosses are part of progressing in a Raid, and each Boss has their own encounter and objectives. Although objectives are direct, most bosses have their own unique mechanics or encounters, requiring the players to find out how to counter these bosses and complete each encounter.

Serving as the pinnacle activity of Tom Clancy's The Division 2's endgame, Raids are the hardest content that players can face, in which they require preparation, communication, and teamwork to succeed. Only about 2,000 PC players and 400 console players defeated it so far.

Operation: Dark HoursEdit

When the Dollar Flu reached Washington, thousands of desperate civilians flocked to the airport looking for a way out of the city. They had no idea that they were rushing into one of the most dangerous hot-zones in the world, and not even CERA's best efforts could salvage the unfolding tragedy. The airport was coated in DC-62 and abandoned for months until the Black Tusk arrived.

As the first Raid to be introduced in The Division's history, players must eliminate the Black Tusk presence in the Washington National Airport, destroy their assets and recapture the airport.

Foundry Edit

With Pentagon The Last Castle, a new raid was about to be dropped along with Title Update 6, but unfortunately the foundry raid has been delayed to Spring 2020 to allow development teams more extra time.

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