Last Name: Ovitz

First Name: Raymond

Age; 34

Place of Birth: Memphis, TN

Former Job: Cyber Security Consultant

Place of Residence: Stamford, CT

Blood Type: A+

Religion: Atheist

Psychological Profile

- Orphaned at 17 when Mother died of breast cancer. Dropped out of school shortly thereafter.

- Exhibits classic OCD symptoms; also registered an IQ of 186. Has achieved near-legendary status in the whitehat hacking community.

- Easily bored if not challenged. Not swayed by money or other typical bribes. Is more interested in having a task worthy of his skills. Can juggle massive amounts of data in his head.

- Hacked into 2 multinationals by age 21; never prosecuted due to lack of evidence. Claims he donated all proceeds to charity.

- Is noted expert on internet privacy & works as a cybersecurity consultant. Holds deeply anti-authoritarian views & delights in shutting govt. back doors unto consumer commo.

- Runs marathons to keep in shape. Physical preparation for activation should not a concern.