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Workstation to improve gear and tech found in the field by operatives.

The Division 2

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, recalibration has been reworked.

Recalibrating an item is no longer a random roll. Rather, it now requires a piece of equipment that is the same type as the item the player desires to recalibrate (i.e., Rifle for rifles, chest piece for chest piece, etc). Players then get to chose one talent from a second piece of gear to put onto the first. This destroys the second piece of gear, as well as costing e-credits and other crafting materials. There are conditions to determine if the talent can be transferred:

  • Only similar items can be used to transfer talents.
  • An item may only be recalibrated in one slot.
  • The talent types (shown by the symbol below the talents image) of the talent being removed and the one being put on must match.
  • The materials needed are shown at the bottom of the screen at all times while in the recalibration menus.
  • Crafted weapons (replicas) and armor (improvised) may not be recalibrated. However, they can still transfer their talents to other pieces of armor or weapons.
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