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Using the latest 3D printing technology combined with extremely efficient nano tech, The Division's Q-Branch has developed field gear that enhanced support functionality.
- Description

Reclaimer is a Gear Set in Tom Clancy's The Division, added in Update 1.3. Designed for those in a healing and support role, it is a set focused entirely on the Support Station, providing an empowered and more versatile station.

Set Completion Bonus Edit

  • Set Bonus (2): +30% Support Station Range
  • Set Bonus (3): +50% Support Station Duration
  • Set Bonus (4): Talent: Reclaimer
    • All mods for the Support Station (Life Support, Immunizer, Ammo Cache) are active simultaneously.
  • Set Bonus (5, Classified only): +15% Support Station Range, +25% Support Station Duration
  • Set Bonus (6, Classified only): +50% Support Station Health, +100% Support Station Healing, Improved Reclaimer
    • Support Station gains a 40% chance to have no cooldown triggered when it is destroyed by an enemy. This chance is increased by 20% for every 3,000 Electronics.
      • At 9,000 Electronics, if the Support Station is destroyed by an enemy, the agent will always get it back immediately.

Set items Edit

Appearance Edit

Classified Appearance Edit

Trivia Edit

Previously, this set's 4 piece bonus allows a player to use a Consumable (Energy Bar, Water, Soda, Canned Food, Explosive/Incendiary Bullets) without consuming it, and applying the buff to all members of the group.

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