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Recovery Link is the Medical Medical.png skill trees Signature Skill.

Requirement: Medical Wing Upgrade - Disaster Aid.

 Base values for the Recovery Link at Level 30

Base Attributes
Recovery Link.png
Type Base Total
Instant Heal 50.0 % 50.0 %
Heal over time 100.0 % 100.0 %
Heal over time duration 12.0 s 12.0 s
Heal Range 50.0 m 50.0 m
Cooldown 900 s 465 s

Heals and cures the user and nearby allies. Revives allies in range. Automatically triggers on lethal damage when not in a group.
Can "overheal" beyond maximum health. Will automatically activate when playing solo and receiving lethal damage.


  • Signature skills are powerful tools to change the momentum of combat. Use them wisely, as they take a long time to recharge after use.