Regan Murphy is a missing Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agent activated as part of the First Wave to take back New York.

Psychological Profile:
  • Comes from a law enforcement family. Father, grandfather and 3 siblings all work for police departments (Worcester, Cambridge, Boston). Family is very supportive of her career.
  • Followed her father into Worcester, MA P.D. Was wounded twice in the line of duty. Both times prevented harm from coming to civilians: was decorated for both incidents.
  • Recruited into U.S. Marshal service after 3 years on the force and has served with distinction.
  • On occasion seems eager to throw herself into harm's way. Willingness to sacrifice for the job is admirable but on occasion takes it too far. Has been written up once for lack of attention to self-care.
  • Superiors have spoken of difficulty finding marshals to partner with her due to her tendency to take risks.


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