Riker 1: Did you hear about Reggie?

Riker 2: What about him?

Riker 1: He got arrested, again! He's back in Rikers for the third time!

Riker 2: You're kidding. What did he do?

Riker 1: So that's the best part. He was out on parole, right, and for some stupid reason decides to pick up work not two days after getting out. Picks up a gun and package and moves to deliver in a restaurant downtown.

Riker 2: Alright.

Riker 1: But he's had too much orange juice, or something, so he desperately has to take a piss. So he walks into the restroom, and what does he see?

Riker 1: What?

Riker 2: Three police officers standing and turning right as he enters the room.

Riker 1: Ha. did he walk back out?

Riker 2: Ha! No, not Reggie! He steps right in, up the urinal and zips up. Cops still watching. Then without missing a beat, the gun and the package fall out, right into the urinal.

Riker 1: Hahaha. And the cops see everything?

Riker 2: The cops see everything! And Reggie's cuffed faster than he can finish!

Riker 1: Wow. Classic Reggie. Wow.

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