This world is OUR playground now, and no one's here to stop us. We got outta Riker's jail. And we ain't ever goin' back in the hole. It's all ours now. We're the new kings of these streets.
- Unknown Riker

The Rikers (also referred to as Rykers), are escaped convicts from Rikers Island. They come from various gangs, but they decided to unite under Larae Barrett for the sake of the "power by numbers" motto. Unlike the thug Rioters who are simply taking advantage of the anarchy, the Rikers are hardened criminals who revel in it, even threatening to plunge the city into darkness if they can't claim New York City for themselves. In both The Division and Warlords of New York, the Rikers have a distinct hatred for law enforcement and JTF personnel, going out of their way to murder these distinctive types. They are one of the main enemy factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.

After the death of Larae Barrett and all of her lieutenants, the Rikers are scattered and had to retreat underground to avoid prosecution from the JTF.

In the Resistance of West Side Pier, the Rikers have formed an uneasy but common alliance with the surviving hostile factions to make a stand against The Division and JTF while hunting down Aaron Keener.

During the campaign of Warlords of New York, the Rikers have resurfaced with James Dragov rallying them under one banner. With the death of Dragov and the loss of Wall Street, the Rikers have once again scattered over lower Manhattan.

Intelligence Brief Edit

A destructive criminal faction that has surfaced as a result of an organized prison break from Riker's Island. The Rikers faction fills the power vacuum left by the retreating Joint Task Force and now rules like lords in a lawless land. Their first objective: exact revenge on authorities—kill anyone in uniform, especially the JTF and the NYPD. A video recovered from a dashcam of a police vehicle shows them throwing a police officer's body on a patrol vehicle, then surrounding and murdering the occupants. Another video recovered shows that they attacked three First Wave Division agents, then they move to the subway where they are killed off. A third video shows that their leader, Barrett, executes one of the Rikers over an authority dispute and further makes an example of him by slashing his throat open.

JTF personnel has found the bodies of their comrades evidencing extreme brutality; some hanged from their legs, some left for dead in supermarket trolleys, still others with weapons still buried in their skulls. They are known to wear the uniforms and armor of their victims, either to disguise themselves, provide environmental protection or both. Rikers also like to taunt their prisoners; demanding amusement and entertainment at gunpoint, or turning them loose to be hunted down for sport.

With many members from local New York gangs, their ranks quickly grew as they drew in more local followers. Their rapid growth has led to occasional in-fighting and rivalry. This, however, is kept at bay by Larae Barrett. Known as much for her ruthlessness as her ability to plan, organize, and lead. Barrett's powerful leadership over her members shows that the Rikers gang is not to be trifled with.

After the death of Larae Barrett, if listening to the Riker audio log in the Underground, the Rikers are now aware of the Division's identity, and also express hate that they had to retreat from the classy and rich apartments they took over above ground to the diseased and filthy conditions of the underground. Shown in the first mission of the Underground, the Rikers are either unaware of the first waves treason as the leader of the Rikers claims the mysterious speaker "smells like Division", though still accepts her offer of weapons in return for attacking the Quarantine Center. By Clear Sky, the Rikers are itching for payback against The Division for the losses suffered, with their leader in the Incursion expressing enjoyment that the player(s) have "arrived to the party."

Riker also launched a massive attack on the news agency, causing news and information to be cut off, as well as take JTF hostages, who are treated worse than the dead. The Rikers also was somehow able to acquire an LMB missile launcher to shoot down any incoming Division ospreys coming from the Dark Zone.

James Dragov took over leadership after being convinced by Duchess to join their side. From there, they managed to gain a foothold. Not long after, they migrated to Lower Manhattan and took over Wall Street as their new HQ in Financial District and other areas in the Civic Center, terrorizing civilians and militias alike.

However, with Dragov's death and the loss of Keener's supplies in addition to losing the Federal Reserve and the means to produce ammunition, the Rikers are weakened once again and find themselves in internal conflict just like before.

However, weeks later, a group of Rikers came in contact with Saturn and join up with her.

Relationship with other factions Edit

Rikers hate the NYPD and by extension the JTF. Due to their imprisonment, they seek to exact revenge against anybody affiliated with the authority and thus frequently attack the JTF. Any JTF personals unfortunate enough to be taken prisoner are sadistically maltreated, executed and sometimes have their corpses abused, such as being displayed. Their uniforms are often looted to be worn with the police symbol crossed out. The JTF likewise sees the Rikers as barbarians and monsters. Rick Valassi, however, speculates that the Rikers are composed only of hardened and violent criminals, as those imprisoned for non-violent offenses or misdemeanors returned to their homes and families.

Rikers have been known to trade weapons with Rioters, but other times will attack them. They also seem to hostile to with the Cleaners, likely stemming from the latter group's fanaticism. Despite their unruly and ruthless attitude they seem to acknowledge the Last Man Battalion as a superior force and avoid confrontation whenever possible (although skirmishes still occur). This is shown that despite the relatively close distance between their castle and the LMB controlled Police Academy (or other LMB territories in general), Rikers have not made any attack on LMB positions, instead of focusing on the JTF. An echo in LMB territory reveals a group of Rikers patrolling near an LMB base with one Riker climbing the wall to taunt the soldiers. The other Rikers warned and berate the individual to not antagonize them as they have snipers, only for said individual to get shot in the head seconds later. The others promptly left.  

Any animosity they have with the other factions would have likely been resolved by the time of Resistance as they joined forces with remnants of the Rioters, Cleaners, and Last Man Battalion to combat the JTF and Division agents as well as to hunt down Aaron Keener.

8 months after the Green Poison outbreak, and at least 6 months after The Division's campaign against the Rikers, the Rikers have come to an understanding with their leaders James Dragov and Theo Parnell working with Aaron Keener, and have taken hold of more territory further south, in Brooklyn. They are wearing lighter clothing, but have generally not changed their identifiers - Prison garb, tattoos, looted police riot gear and stolen ballistic vests. They control the Financial District and Civic Center. They will attack Cleaners on sight even though James Dragov and Theo Parnell work with Vivian Conley and Javier Kajika who are the leaders of the Cleaners. They will also attack the Peacekeepers, a JTF and civilian militia, on sight as well, especially targeting its NYPD and FNYC members. The bodies of dead first responders are seen tied up at Riker-controlled control points.

Known Riker Mobs Edit

  • South Point Crew - Daily HVT 1*
  • Napalm Crew - Daily HVT 3*
  • Two Dog Crew - Weekly HVT 4*
  • Brownie's Crew - Daily HVT 2*
  • Wild Crew - Daily HVT 3*
  • Magnum Crew - Daily HVT 3*
  • Top Dollar Crew - Weekly HVT 3*
  • Thirty-Eight Crew - Weekly HVT 3*
  • Rumble's Crew - Daily HVT 3*
  • Starman's Crew - Daily HVT 1

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Edit

  • Cell Block 1138
  • Wrecking Krew
  • Backwards Bitches
  • Rowdy Gang
  • Community Jerks
  • Candy Thieves
  • Murder Bros
  • Arson Inc
  • Meatpackers
  • Maiden Lane Posse
  • Wall Street Krew
  • The Gold Kings
  • Skyrise Gang
  • The 917
  • Downtown Posse
  • Poolside Crew
  • Never Leavers
  • The Bulls
  • The Gamblers (Heroic)
  • Dragov's Dragons (Heroic)
  • Theo's Minions (Heroic)
  • Jailhouse Rockers (Heroic)
  • Murder, Inc. (Heroic)

Weapons Used Edit

Guns Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

Shotguns Edit

Submachine Guns Edit

Marksman Rifles Edit

Light Machine Guns Edit

Grenades & Others Edit

  • Concussion Grenades
  • Fragmentation Grenades
  • Flashbang Grenades
  • Shock Grenades
  • Tear Gas Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenades
  • Lethal EMP Jammer
  • Nail Bombs
  • Nail Gun
  • Taser Gun
  • Carl Gustav M3
  • Hyena Sniper Turret
  • True Sons Assault Turret
  • Incendiary RC Cars
  • Strope Light Shield
  • Laser Dasler

Riker Enemy Types Edit

Tom Clancy's The Division Edit

  • Enforcer/Assault - Standard enemies armed with Military AK-47M (Regular) and M4 assault rifles (Veteran/Elite) and can be recognized by their orange and black striped face masks, NYPD jacket and prison jumpsuit.
    • M4s are seen more in higher difficulty areas or missions.
  • Slinger/Thrower - Rikers grenadiers armed with frag grenades and a T821 (normal) or MP5A4 (Veteran/Elite) SMGs, they can be recognized by their riot helmet, NYPD jacket and shoulder slung equipment belts.
    • Elite variants tend to throw grenades in quick succession, and can easily force players out of cover.
    • They have a weak point on their thighs where they store grenades, shooting these pouches enough will cause an explosion, potentially killing the slinger and anyone around them.
  • Runner/Rusher - Close-range Rikers armed with M870 express (Regular), Military M870s (Veteran), and Custom M870 MCS (Elite/Named) that can be recognized by their orange jumpsuits, shoulder slung shotgun shell belt and NYPD sleeveless vests.
    • They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular Rikers. On Challenging difficulty, Runners can easily drop full teams if not taken care of quickly.
  • Hitman/Sniper - Female Riker's snipers armed with SOCOM M1A sniper rifles (Normal) or Covert SRS (Veteran/Elite) and M45A1 pistols for close-range that can be recognized by their hooded cloaks and orange jumpsuit pants.
    • They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armor compared to regular Rikers. On higher difficulties, these enemies can deal heavy damage to players who don't take proper cover.
  • Guard/Tank - Large, heavily armored Rikers identified by their police riot helmets, grey/white face masks, and corrections bulletproof vests. They are equipped with an M249 B Para LMG and frag grenades.
    • They are very durable, having 3 times the health and armor of regular Rikers of equivalent rank. On their backs are red ammo boxes that will detonate if shot enough, both dealing damage and temporarily rendering the Guard helpless.
    • They will occasionally have to reload, giving the player a chance to score some hits with retaliation.
    • If you deploy a Turret, they will immediately go towards it and destroy it. Only appear as Elite or Named enemies.
    • On the Clear Sky Incursion, Slider uses a ballistic shield and acts in a similar manner to an LMB Shield Gunner.
  • Boss - A tougher Rikers soldier with 50% more health and armor compared to regular Rikers of equivalent rank, armed with a Navy MP5 N SMG and flashbang grenades.
    • They can be recognized by their black and orange baseball caps, NYPD jacket, worn bulletproof vest, and dark blue pants.
    • They can buff other Rikers to deal more damage and appear exclusively as Veteran or Elite enemies.

Attachments: On higher difficulty missions, the Rikers will all have Laser Sights attached to their guns. Enforcers will also be equipped with M4s with RDS, and the Bosses will have MP5s with ACOGs

Tactics Edit

Enforcers and Bosses will flank players, even when they are not busy dealing with other Rikers. Runners, as said above, will rush the player with Shotguns or submachine guns. It is crucial that they are eliminated as soon as possible when playing on Hard or Challenging because they can easily wipe out a full group of players, and their range is much further than one would expect. As if that isn't bad enough, Runners will chase players for a good distance before retreating back to their initial starting area. Throwers usually take cover and periodically throw frag grenades. Elite variants throw them in succession, usually in quantities of 3. Hitmen fill the role with the common Sniper and should be the main focus of the team sniper as they can dish out a good amount of damage if left unchecked. Guards are essentially mini-boss class enemies and should be one of the primary targets for teams. On Challenging difficulty, they spawn in teams of two, increasing their threat levels significantly.

In The Division 2, they mostly act the same, except for some. The tank walks around firing his nail gun/pistol and never takes cover. The rusher just runs forward-firing their SMGs. The thrower keeps their distance and throws nail bombs. The Heavy Weapons gets to a good location and places their Minigun down, then operates it OR takes cover while another Riker uses the gun.

Named Enemies Edit

Name Type Location Info
Larae Barrett Special Slinger/Thrower Lexington Event Center Leader of the Rikers. Uses a grenade launcher similar to LMB Grenadiers. Also armed with a Custom P416 G3.
Trigger Mike Boss Bounty Kip's Bay
Simon Burris Guard/Tank Bounty Clinton
Ice Man Guard/Tank Bounty Stuyvesant
Big G Guard/Tank Bounty Flatiron District
Keller Boss WarrenGate Power Plant Uses an MP5 equipped with explosive rounds
Glass Enforcer/Assault Rooftop Comm Relay Causes bleed damage
Slingshot Hitman/Sniper Times Square Power Relay Leader of the Riker Crew that took over Times Square
Downbeat Special Slinger/Thrower Secure Quarantine Center Leader of the gang that attacked the Quarantine Center after it's bombing. Like Larae Barrett, Downbeat uses a grenade launcher similar to LMB Grenadiers.
Rekt Guard/Tank The End is NY (Underground) Part of the Rikers group hiding out at The End is NY underground club.
Judge Tank The Tombs Civic Center - Theo Parnell's Bodyguard.
Bullet Queen Boss New York Federal Reserve Financial District
Duchess Boss Wall Street One of James Dragov's lieutenants. Sent to guard supplies for Keener.
Ron Unique Tank Wall Street One of James Dragov's lieutenants. Went with Dragov to stop the Division in the New York Stock Exchange. Armed with a Converted SMG-9.
Knuckles Unique Tank Wall Street One of James Dragov's lieutenants. Went with Dragov to stop the Division in the New York Stock Exchange. Armed with a Converted SMG-9.

Name Type Location Info
J.T. Falk (Slider) Special Guard Clear Sky Leader of group using a captured LMB SAM site and equipped with looted Division gear. Armed with T821 SMG and Tactical Shield, similar to LMB SF Gunners.
Checkers Hitman Stolen Signal Uses a Dazzler blinding laser similar to LMB Rank II Snipers.
Curveball Slinger Stolen Signal
Pigstick Boss Stolen Signal Makes a rush to a bomb when health is low enough.
Jackalope Runner Stolen Signal
Bighorn Runner Stolen Signal
Bobcat Runner Stolen Signal Wears a balaclava with the words "DIE!". Armed with a Custom M870 MCS and a M249 B. Can buff himself to decrease damage taken, similar to a Survivor Link.

Name Type Location Info
Riot Slinger Flatiron District Respawns 4 hours after death.
Chains Guard Stuyvesant Respawns 4 hours after death.
Bullet King Enforcer Times Square Roams very close to the Autumn's Hope safe house. Respawns 4 hours after death.

Name Type Location Info
Chuckles Rusher Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'The Fool' when defeated.
Bougie Leader Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'The Emperor' when defeated.
Adam Assault Free Roam One half of the lovers.
Eve Thrower Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'The Lovers' when defeated. May also drop Lady Death Exotic.
Justice Heavy Weapons Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'Justice' when defeated.
Noble Leader Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'The Empress' when defeated. Armed with an M870 and SR-1.
Executioner Sniper Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'Wheel of Fortune' when defeated.
Blink Tank Free Roam Drops the Arcana card 'The Sun' when defeated.

Name Type Location Info
"Lit" Lukas Guard DZ02 - The Library
"Low Key" Enforcer DZ04 - Construction Site

Name Type Location Info

Name Type Location Info Description
Starman Guard High-Value Target - Starman "A high-level Riker member is reportedly targeting families for extortion."
Griefer Boss High-Value Target - South Point Crew "A Rikers and his friends are reportedly torturing JTF in the field."
Rumble Slinger High-Value Target - Rumble Uses a Grenade Launcher similar to LMB Grenadiers. "A roaming group of Rikers with a grenade launcher have been using civilians as targets."
"Napalm" Boss High-Value Target - Napalm Crew
"Boomer" Slinger High-Value Target - Napalm Crew Uses a grenade launcher similar to Larae Barrett and LMB Grenadiers. Has bright yellow markings rather than white. Does not use any other weapon.
"Hunter" Guard High-Value Target - Magnum Crew "Rikers are chasing down and executing every third person they see."
"Pit Bull" Guard High-Value Target - Magnum Crew "Rikers are chasing down and executing every third person they see."
Two Dog Guard High-Value Target  - Two Dog Crew "Rikers are murdering first responders all around the city."
Money Boss High-Value Target One leader of the Top Dollar Crew
T-Bone Boss High-Value Target One leader of the Top Dollar Crew
Brownie Guard High-Value Target - Brownie "A Rikers gunman and crew have been blasting civilians out of their homes and hiding places."
"Thirty Eight" Boss High-Value Target - Thirty Eight Crew "Rikers are killing civilians at random based on some kind of "points" system."
"Dremmel" Guard High-Value Target - Wild Crew "Rikers are taking potshots at any civilians they see through windows."
"Pinky" Guard High-Value Target - Wild Crew "Rikers are taking potshots at any civilians they see through windows."
"Tweaker" Guard High-Value Target - Wild Crew "Rikers are taking potshots at any civilians they see through windows."
Rampage Assault Bounty - Violent Delights/Battery Park/Normal "On the inside, Rampage earned his name during a cafeteria brawl that only he walked away from. His respect comes from violence; You should disrespect him the same way."
Upsell Leader Bounty - Darkened Blades/Civic Center/Normal "Upsell used to pose as a makeup saleswoman in order to scout for seeking new customers for her drug trade and for new places to burglarize. Now she locks down the streets in Civic Center for the Rikers."
Slicer Thrower Bounty - Cell Block 1138 "An armed gang of Rikers started a pirate radio station and have been broadcasting polka for a week straight."
Basshead Sniper Bounty - Cell Block 1138
Carrot Heavy Weapons Bounty - Backwards Bitches "Rikers in the area have been found guilty of criminal negligence in the death of a pet Yorkie named 'Snoochies."
Slacker Leader Bounty - Rowdy Gang "An armed gang of Rikers has started to built a pile of corpses and it's beginning to stink."
Sempleton Assault Bounty - Community Jerks/Challenging "An armed group of Rikers failed to report additional income from their theft on their 1040's."
Crossfit Leader Bounty - Community Jerks/Challenging "An armed group of Rikers failed to report additional income from their theft on their 1040's."
Lostboy Assault Bounty - Arson Inc./Challenging "Rikers in the area have broken in a local Founder community's building and stolen all their wigs and tri-corner hats. Their muskets may be next!"
Snow Boy Heavy Weapons Bounty - Arson Inc./Challenging "Rikers in the area have broken in a local Founder community's building and stolen all their wigs and tri-corner hats. Their muskets may be next!"
Streamer Sniper Bounty - Candy Thieves/Challenging "Rikers in the area have broken in a local Founder community's building and stolen all their wigs and tri-corner hats. Their muskets may be next!"
Cross Eyed Leader Bounty - Candy Thieves/Challenging Armed with Classic M60. "Rikers in the area have broken in a local Founder community's building and stolen all their wigs and tri-corner hats. Their muskets may be next!"
Taxi Sniper Bounty - Meatpackers "Rikers in the area have been found guilty of criminal negligence in the death of a pet Yorkie named 'Snoochies"
E-Boi Sniper Bounty - Maiden Lane Posse "A roving pack of Rikers staged a daring raid on a local school and made off at lead two swing sets."
Deathstix Leader Manhunt Bounty - The Gold Kings Armed with a SR-1, Carl Gustaf, and Tear Gas Grenades. "Displaced by a bigger threat, these Rikers have issues around the Financial District area."
Sucker Leader Bounty - Wall Street Krew "An angry group of Rikers are asserting their right to bear arms. You're just the good guy with a gun to stop them."
GG Leader Bounty - Skyrise Gang "An armed gang of Rikers cut holes in every dinghy in the Peacekeeper fleet."
Siren Thrower Bounty - Murder Bros "A vicious Rikers gang murdered a group of people protesting against their treatment of animals."
Rockstar Sniper Bounty - Murder Bros "A vicious Rikers gang murdered a group of people protesting against their treatment of animals."
Hole Tank Bounty - Bowery Bitches "A filthy group of Rikers has been funneling vicious wasps into Haven via a pipe inserted in a nearby building."
Sassy Leader Bounty - Wall Street Krew "A roving pack of Rikers believe the Moon Landing was faked. This is your chance to stop this madness."

Name Type Location Info
Zeke Guard DZ03, DZ04
Animal Guard DZ03, DZ04
Cannibal Guard DZ02, DZ03, DZ04
Torch Slinger DZ02, DZ03, DZ04 Uses incinerator rounds
Hotrod Slinger DZ03, DZ04
Baz Boss DZ02 (Construction Site) Explosive rounds
Short Fuse Slinger DZ02, DZ03, DZ04 At <40% Uses Incinerator rounds
Hawkeye Hitman DZ03/ DZ04
Boomerang Hitman DZ02
Shruggie Guard Supply Drop
Ghost Hitman Supply Drop

Name Type Location Info Description
"Spider" Elbert Boss Critical Infrastructure
"Bugs" Alcey Guard Missing Patrol
"Burnout" Lugo Guard Target of Opportunity One of Larae Barrett's lieutenants.

Name Type Location Info Description
Miller Guard Lieutenant Elimination

Archetypes Edit

"I don't know who let these assholes out, but it sure has caused us a lot of grief."
- Roy Benitez

The Assault type is largely comprised of ex-convicts from Rikers Island and new recruits. They usually spend their time looting, killing or fighting Peacekeepers, Cleaners, Black Tusk, and sometimes each other. They may not be militarily trained, however, they are skilled in the use of their weapons and should not be taken lightly.

Strategic Data

  • Basic Riker units armed with a Carbine 7 (Normal) or an Enhanced G36 (Veteran/Elite).
  • They usually take cover and are not that dangerous, but can be dangerous in larger numbers.
  • Elite variants are equipped with Tear Gas grenades which inflicts a confused effect.
  • Most common Riker enemy type - seen in missions and open-world.

"These assholes are using nail bombs on everything from civilians to pets. It's goddamned barbaric."
- Roy Benitez

Throwers are the Rikers explosive experts. They are unreliable, erratic, and vengeful. Agents should take extra caution with these Rikers due to the high probability of their nail bomb I.E.Ds being deployed nearby. However, their pack can be shot to make a large explosion of nails, shrapnel, and explosives.

  • Female Rikers armed with a Police UMP-45 SMG (regular) or MP5 ST SMG (Veteran/Elite) and are equipped with proximity nail bombs that can cause bleed damage upon detonation.
  • They usually keep their distance in combat and throw nail bombs from a distance.
  • They have a weak point on the back of their waist that causes explosive damage to them.

"Their leadership treats these crazies as expendable, but don't write them off. There's nothing more dangerous than dual SMGs pumping out a large number of rounds at close range in your general direction."
- Roy Benitez

Rushers have been written off by the Riker leadership as erratic and dangerous due to their lack of danger awareness and dangerous method of fighting their enemies and are more suited to running down helpless civilians rather than fighting real enemies. However, Agents should mark these Rikers as priority targets due to their SMGs and lack of danger awareness.

  • Female Rikers armed with dual Black Market T821's (Regular) or 2 Converted SMG-9's (Veteran/Elite).
  • Will act similar to Cleaner Rushers and will chase the player for a long time while firing their SMGs.
  • Elite Variants move faster and do much more damage.
  • Acts similar to Riker Runners, but does more damage.
  • They never take cover and have much less health.

"I have nothing good to say about the Riker Snipers. They are mean, sneaky, and it's downright rude to shoot from behind that kind of mobile cover."
- Roy Benitez

Snipers are sneaky, cautious Rikers who have been selected due to their accuracy and stealth. They support their allies by exploiting incautious or weak enemies. However, they are very dangerous at close range due to the taser they carry. All agents should watch for these snipers and kill them as they appear.

  • Armed with a Carbon M700 (Regular) or an M1A CQB (Veteran/Elite), and a Maxim 9 at close range.
  • They have a circular riot shield that they crouch behind while shooting at long-range.
  • They also have a taser gun at close range that shocks the target.
  • The taser is used if the player gets too close.
  • They usually crouch, but the shield can be destroyed with enough concentrated fire.
  • They will then take cover and fire from that position.
  • Bounty Snipers will be equipped with a Laser Dasler and Tear Gas Grenades.

"Real beef-eater, this guy. I remember putting a few of these guys behind bars back before all this shit started. Definitely more brawn than brain."
- Roy Benitez

Tanks are heavily armored Rikers who are equipped with Riot shields and nail guns. They have been selected due to their size, skill, and ability to carry a riot shield, body armor, and two air tanks. They are the vanguard of the Rikers and agents are advised to use heavy weaponry against these Rikers, due to their heavy armor.

  • Heavily armored Riker armed with a Dazzler rigged riot shield, and a nail gun that does bleed damage on contact.
  • They have an air tank weak point that if shot, will make them switch to a PF45 pistol, similar to a regular Hyena Shield.
  • Their shield can be destroyed with enough concentrated fire and so can their dazzler lasers.
  • The dazzlers are arranged in an inverted triangle just beneath the window in the shield.
  • Bounty Riker Tanks are armed with Hyena Sniper turrets, incendiary RC cars, a regular police shield (No Dazzlers), and a Military RPK-74M.
  • If the shield is destroyed he will then use a nail gun.

"Sure. Great. Fine. Now they've got heavy weapons. Where the hell did they find them this god-forsaken island? NYC's gun laws are pretty strict."
- Roy Benitez

Heavy Weapons Rikers are Former Riker inmates who are possibly ex-military. They support their allies on the battlefield with their Heavy Machine Guns and typically have a shotgun and looted riot helmet. All agents are advised to take extra caution with these Rikers, as they are more durable and have heavier weaponry than the average Riker.

  • A Riker equipped with a SPAS-12 shotgun loaded with slug rounds and a stationary HMG that can be set up and used by other Rikers even if the Heavy Weapons dies.
  • They have a riot helmet protecting them from headshots, but it can be destroyed with about half a clip of assault rifle ammo.
  • Their minigun can be destroyed on their back, preventing them from using it.
  • If the player gets too close, or all Rikers in the area die, the HMG detonates, disabling the ability to use it.
  • Elite variants have an MG that fires explosive rounds at a slower pace but doesn't inflict bleed damage.
  • Bounty Heavy Weapons are equipped with Shock Grenades and True Sons Assault Turret.

"Just when you think you might have put a dent in the Rikers' leadership ranks, another one pops up. If they weren't so damned vicious, I'd consider trying to recruit them."
- Roy Benitez

Leaders are former Rikers inmates who lead their allies on the battlefield. They are stronger, tougher and smarter than the average Riker soldier, and as such must be dealt with carefully. Leaders are armed with a variety of weapons, grenades, and armor. As such they must be priority targets as they give a boost to other Rikers in their vicinity.

  • A stronger Riker that gives a buff in health to all Rikers in the area, and is equipped with either a Classic M60 LMG, Express M870 SG, P90 SMG, SR-1 Marksman Rifle, or M4A1.
  • They are always equipped with two weapons - a long-range and short-range.
  • Common examples include Express M870 and SR-1, or P90 and Classic M60.
  • Killing the Leader will return all Rikers affected by their buff to their health before the buff and will remember the damage if inflicted before the boss arrived.
  • Leaders will equip their M4 with a Holosight and Laser pointer.
  • Bounty leaders are equipped with Tear gas grenades, Incendiary grenades, Lethal EMP Jammers, and a Carl Gustav RPG.



  • You made a big mistake pig!
  • Make no mistake, we'll kill you!
  • You ain't gonna last!
  • We got this!
  • Show me you got this!
  • Ain't no holding back!
  • Don't need no permission to kill!
  • Ain't no holding back!
  • Gonna make my day to waste you!
  • I kill fools like you in my sleep!
  • I'm gonna waste you!
  • Hijo de puta!
  • Get your ass in gear!
  • We're gonna leave you in pieces!
  • Gonna take your fucking beanie!
  • Just die already!
  • Don't go soft on me!
  • You can't last much longer!
  • Don't let up!
  • Hey, no weakness!
  • You can't hide forever! - Player in cover
  • Ducked down over there! - Player in cover
  • Blast 'em outta there! - Player in cover
  • Get that fucker outta cover! - Player in cover
  • Blast 'em outta that cover! - Player in cover
  • Now's our chance! - Player out of cover
  • Ah! I'm gonna get you! - Surprised unnoticed
  • Stay where you are! - Surprised unnoticed
  • Shitbag! - Surprised unnoticed
  • Shit! Grenade! - Grenade within proximity
  • Bomb fools! - Grenade within proximity
  • Heads up! Incoming! - Grenade within proximity
  • Fucking bomb! - Grenade within proximity
  • Shit! It's a bomb! - Grenade within proximity
  • Keep 'em off me! I'm reloading! - Reloading
  • Need ammo! Cover me! - Reloading
  • Watch my ass! - Reloading
  • Need more ammo! Gimme a sec! - Reloading
  • One more shot and he's dead! - Player or NPC at low health
  • Won't be long now! - Player or NPC at low health
  • He's hurt bad! - Riker dies
  • Ah shit, they got him! - Riker dies
  • He's been shot! - Riker dies
  • Those fuckers got him! - Riker dies
  • Ah shit, he's fucked. - Riker dies
  • Ah shit. He's dead! - Riker dies
  • He's down! - Riker dies
  • Those shitheads got her! - Hitman dies
  • I'm gonna make you dance!

  • Losing my patience with this shit!
  • I love an unfair fight!
  • Pleasure to kill you!
  • Hey! You ain't got a chance!
  • Look alive! Grenade! - Grenade within proximity
  • Bomb! Get out! - Grenade within proximity
  • Let's party! - Throwing grenade
  • Bombs away! - Throwing grenade
  • Fire in the hole! - Throwing grenade
  • Get down! I'm going for it! - Throwing grenade
  • Have a taste of this! - Throwing grenade
  • Those fuckers are killing us! -Riker dies
  • I'll get you for that, motherfucker! - Riker dies
  • Wait, was that one of ours? - Riker dies
  • More of these Assholes? Fuck 'em up! Aim for the orange rings!" -During Times Square Power Relay

  • Cover me! I'm going in! - Attacking
  • It's time to finish this! - Attacking
  • I'm gonna finish this! - Attacking
  • Mike! No! -Riker dies
  • Goddamn it! He's dead! -Riker dies

  • Hey! Pigs don't belong here!
  • You ain't gonna rain on my parade!
  • Gonna end you!
  • Don't let them win!
  • Turn up the heat!
  • You can't hide from us! - Player in cover
  • Shit! This ends now! - Surprised unnoticed
  • What in the fuck!? - Surprised unnoticed
  • Gotcha! - Surprised unnoticed
  • Ah! Get off me! - Surprised unnoticed
  • They got Mike. - Riker dies
  • Don't let them best you - Riker dies
  • Shit! He's dead! - Riker dies

  • Say your prayers pussy! - Attacking
  • Takin' you down! - Attacking
  • Go fuck yourself! - Attacking
  • Get away from It! - Grenade in proximity
  • Grenade out! Go! - Throwing grenade
  • Suck on this! - Throwing grenade
  • Say Goodbye!- Attacking
  • Goddammit, he's dead! - Riker dies

  • No mercy! No prisoners! - Buffing other Rikers
  • Ain't nothing to worry about! - Buffing other Rikers
  • Gonna waste you!
  • Gonna blind these fools! - Throwing a flashbang
  • Let's shed some light on this situation! - Throwing a flashbang
  • Time to turn on the lights! - Throwing a flashbang
  • They nailed him! - Riker dies
  • They got JD! - Riker dies
  • I've got us a kill! - Player or NPC at low health

  • This is on you!
  • Gonna bleed you dry, piggies! - Attacking
  • Putting you in a world of hurt makes me stronger


  • Feels good to have a gun again- Idle
  • I hope that shit ain't airborne - Idle
  • I can't wait to have a smoke - Idle
  • God, I miss coffee - Idle

  • Look at you trying to be a hero - Killing civilian with rifle
  • Bingo! - Beating corpse with rifle
  • Ha! - Beating corpse with rifle

  • "Lookout! They got a robot gun! - Turret deployed
  • That robot gun is bullshit! - Turret deployed
  • Gonna wreck your little boy! - Turret deployed
  • Fuck! Run away from that thing - Seeker Mine deployed
  • It's still going! - Seeker Mine deployed
  • The fuck is that!? - Seeker Mine deployed
  • Why is that thing after me!? - Seeker Mine deployed
  • Look a new playtoy - Seeing a civilian
  • I was in there for life - Idle


Trivia Edit

  • If the player purchases the Rikers Faction bundle from the premium vendor in The Terminal, they will get the Enforcer outfit.
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