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Ordinary citizens pushed past their limits by the outbreak, these New Yorkers will do anything to survive. They have no leader and recognize no authority except survival of the strongest.

The Rioters are gangs of common thugs and delinquents that just want to rob and even kill others to ensure their own survival. Many know they can kill but will use that as a final option, but some will pull the trigger first. They are one of the main enemy factions in Tom Clancy's The Division, and they are arguably the least organized faction in the Division series overall, being split into gangs and having little to no leadership.

Division rubric refers to civilians who've chosen a lawless path to survival as "Rioters." These are typically unorganized looters who roam the city in small packs, preying on the weak to survive. In response to growing scarcity and the declining presence of law enforcement, Rioters simply take what they want from those unable to defend themselves. This threat is exacerbated by the fact that, in the United States, military-grade firearms are so plentiful that Rioters are often heavily armed.

Most Rioters are simply opportunists - ordinary people of all stripes who've been pushed to criminal activity by panic and greed. Instead of signing on to the social compact and working in a cooperative manner for the betterment of all, Rioters victimize others. In such cases, the Division's task is to ensure serious negative consequences for choosing this route.

Rioters have few if any loyalties, and no organization to speak of. However, they do form loose associations with likeminded opportunists when it suits them, or out of necessity. But any alliance is short-lived; the only thing that matters for them is raw survival and the next meal.


While Rioters do not have a set in stone hierarchy, each gang follows a certain leader. Such examples being Hutch or Five-O (possibly may just be a boss or a squad-like leader, basically tougher versions of peon Rioters) as well as a few more leaders. They usually carry bigger and heavier weapons than their lower ranking members and tend to have armor, with the weapon of choice for most of them seems to be light machine guns and marksman rifles.

Intelligence Brief


Beyond the organized factions roam thugs and outlaws that now rampage through the city, rioting, looting, and assaulting any who come near them. Unafraid to wound or kill, they survive by preying on the weak. They roam in packs, hunting down easy targets and lashing out at authorities when they get the chance. Volatile and dangerous, they are a constant thorn in the side of the JTF and a steady drain on resources.

They have little discipline and their gear mostly seems to consist of melee weapons, homemade munitions, pistols, antique sniper rifles and submachine guns. They rely heavily on numbers and surprise to overwhelm and strike down anyone they deem a threat to their survival, but due to their like-mindedness for survival, other Rioter gangs will join the fight, making them an extremely serious threat in large numbers. Allowing them to group up in large numbers is highly unrecommended and thinning them out should be a top priority in confrontations with Rioters.

Named Members

Known Rioters
Target Description Location
Big P
Lord of the 212 gang. Hell's Kitchen
Leader of the gang attacking the base of operation. Easy to ID due to wearing body armor and a gas mask and carrying a L86 LSW.
Has Elite-level armor instead of Boss-level armor.
Near Base of Operations
Wild Child
Target for Bounty. Hudson Yards
Michelle Mason
Target for Bounty. Chelsea
Leader of group holding Dr. Kandel and her staff as hostage in Madison Square Garden. Madison Field Hospital
Leader of group holding NYPD Precinct in Brooklyn. Easy to ID due to wearing a football helmet and carrying an AK-47.
Has Elite-level armor instead of Boss-level armor.
Precinct Siege
Leader of group assaulting checkpoint at the Tunnel where Cpt. Benitez is located. Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

Known Rioter Gangs
Gang Description Target
Trio Crew
A trio of Rioter grenadiers are reportedly competing to get the highest number of civilian kills.
  • Jason Griffin
  • Brock Finster
  • Magnus Jensen
Break Out Crew
A Rioter and her crew are wandering the city, and have been robbing and killing civilians.
  • Mo
East Coast Crew
A Rioter is reportedly shooting people randomly for entertainment.
  • Stoney
Grenade Brothers
A group of grenadiers is reportedly setting off grenades randomly around town.
  • Sunshine
  • Digger
  • Ready
Thunder Riot
An angry Rioter with a large supply of explosives is attacking JTF patrols.
  • Archuleta
Hurricane Riot
Rioters are trying to break into secure buildings with heavy explosives, numerous civilians have been killed by debris.
  • Jones
  • Slappy
Lightning Riot
A lone rioter is attacking CERA checkpoints.
  • Doozer
Blood Sisters
Two angry Rioters are rumored to be having a shooting contest - with civilians.
  • Greenback
  • Cleopatra
Pokerface's Gang
A sadistic Rioter roams the streets looking for payback - from anyone unlucky enough to run into them.
  • Pokerface
Molotov Riots
Rioters are attacking JTF positions with improvised explosive devices.
  • Reinke
  • Lombardi
  • Ferri
Cinderella's Gang
A roaming crew of Rioters with Molotovs have been wreaking havoc everywhere they go.
  • Cinderella
Castro's Gang
Rioters have been rampaging with Molotovs and terrifying civilians.
  • Castro
Switchback Riot
A Rioter is ambushing and robbing lone civilians.
  • Switchback

Known Rioters
Target Description Location
Respawns 4 hours after death. Chelsea
Respawns 4 hours after death. Pennsylvania Plaza
Respawns 4 hours after death. Hell's Kitchen

Known Rioters in Dark Zone
Target Type Location
Lurker DZ01
Heavy Weapons DZ02, DZ03, DZ04
Lookout DZ02, DZ03
Rioter DZ02
Dare Devil DZ01, DZ02
Heavy Weapons DZ01, DZ02
Dare Devil Dark Zone Supply Drop

Known Rioters in Underground
Target Type Location
"Ha-Ha" Estrada
Heavy Weapons Underground
(Target of Opportunity)
"Brains" O'Flaherty
Sprayer Underground
(Target of Opportunity)
"Fatal" Ellsbury
Sprayer Underground
(Target of Opportunity)
"Gremlin" Tracy
Heavy Weapons Underground
(Target of Opportunity)
"Clown" Tulowitzki
Heavy Weapons Underground
(Target of Opportunity)
"Books" Korenko
Heavy Weapons Underground
(Missing Patrol)
"Metal" Maine
Lurker Underground
(Surgical Strike)

Relationship with other factions

Among themselves the Rioters are not unified and are divided into gangs, similar to the Hyenas when they were first formed.

Rioters in general see the JTF as weak and take advantage of their struggling power by robbing and looting within JTF controlled territory or outright raiding and attack JTF positions.

Although skirmishes do occur they have been known to engage in trading with Rikers, namely weapons, however seem to distrust one another.

Rioters outright fear the Last Man Battalion. A Rioter report revealed when one of the rioter propose to loot at the U.N. building the other stated to avoid the area, describing the area as a "killing field" because of the LMB. The second Rioter further describes them as "badass special forces type" with superior gear and equipment compared to the JTF, and are very ruthless, killing anyone on sight.

Any animosity they have with the other factions would have likely been resolved by the time of Resistance as they joined forces with remnants of the Cleaners, Rikers, and Last Man Battalion to combat the JTF and Division agents as well as to hunt down Aaron Keener.

Weapons Used

Rioter Weapons
Light Machine Guns
Marksman Rifles
M44  •  M1A
Submachine Guns
T821  •  SMG-9
586 Magnum  •  PF45
Tear Gas Grenades  •  Concussion Grenades  •  Incendiary Grenades  •  Molotov Cocktails

Rioters Enemy Types

Standard enemies armed with PF45 pistols (Regular) or an SMG-9 (Veteran/Elite) and the most common enemy in rioter-controlled territory.

Strategic Data

  • They usually take cover and attack when their allies flush the player out of cover.
  • There are several visual variants of lurkers.
  • The first has a red baseball cap, dark grey jacket and blue pants.
  • The second has a beanie hat and dull blue jacket.
  • The third type has a beanie hat and blue jacket like the second type, but has a white face mask.
  • The fourth type will have a baseball cap, blue jacket and dark grey pants.
  • The fifth type will have a dark orange jacket, and light grey pants as well as a beanie.

Enemies armed with 586 Magnum (Regular) or an M1911 (Veteran/Elite) that is also armed with Tear Gas Grenades (Regular/Veteran) or Molotov Cocktails (Elite/Named) that can be recognized for their dark grey hooded jackets and backpack.

Strategic Data

  • They have a special ammo pack on the back of their backpack that can be shot, causing an explosion that will cause large amounts of damage, potentially killing them and anyone near, including the player.
  • They use their grenades to flush players out of cover for their allies to shoot at.
  • If their throw is interrupted they will be disabled temporarily as they will be confused by the tear gas.
  • Challenging Difficulty/HVT variants use Frag/Shock grenades and sawed off double barrel shotguns.

Melee enemies armed with baseball bats that can be recognized by their dull blue hooded jackets and grey mouth covering. They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite) armor compared to regular Rioters.

Strategic Data

  • Veteran/Elite variants have armor and more health than their Normal counterparts.
  • Elite variants use a golf club, are much faster and attack in between shorter intervals than their Veteran/Normal counterparts.

Snipers armed with M44 Carbine sniper rifles or Classic M1As (Veteran/Elite) and PF45 pistols for close-range that can be recognized by their large dark blue hooded jacket and dark pants.

Strategic Data

  • They are opportunistic snipers that will take shots at players who don't take proper cover.
  • They can dish out a lot of damage if left unchecked.
  • They have 2/3rds the amount of health and (if Veteran/Elite) armor compared to regular Rioters.
  • On Challenging difficulty, named Lookouts have SRS A1's.

Armed with a Military RPK-74 M LMG and use suppression tactics.

Strategic Data

  • They can be recognized by their dull blue sleeveless vests, white hooded jacket and dark grey pants.
  • They have 50% more health and armor compared to regular Rioters of the same rank.
  • A red ammo box on their backpack can be shot to spray bullets everywhere, damaging anyone nearby and disrupting the Heavy Weapons user.
  • Only Veteran and higher ranks appear to spawn.

Female Rioter armed with a Black Market T821 and frag Fragmentation/Incendiary Grenades that can be recognized by their red hooded jackets.

Strategic Data

  • They are only typically encountered in Challenging mode or the Dark Zone.
  • Their weak spot is the same as the Dare Devil's weak spot (the explosive pack.) They can also be recognized from their frantic running as they spray their sub machine guns erratically at the player. Spawn exclusively as Elite and Boss rank encounters.



  • One of the Rioter's voice lines, "They got Alex!", has risen to a memetic status within the Division community, with members often joking about the number of Rioters named Alex.