I heard you like lead.
- Roach

Roach is a Hyena council member. After The Division infiltrated the Bank Headquarters and rescued the captive President Ellis, he was called in by Mayhem to kill the agents in order to maintain the name and strength of the Hyenas. He was then killed by Division agents.

Roach believes he's untouchable. He relies on his entourage to fight his battles and never walks the streets without them. Before the Green Poison outbreak, Roach was a minor celebrity, known for hosting a late-night pirate radio station. He spent a short time in prison after he was prosecuted for broadcasting without a licence.

He is well-connected among D.C'.s criminal underworld and has been involved in numerous homicides.

It is also believed he possessed the Lullaby Exotic shotgun at some point.

Abilities Edit

Roach is the final boss of Bank Headquarters. He was a tank armed with body armour and MG5 LMG. He usually spends his first moments in the battle on the balcony firing his machine gun. When his entourage is taken out he will jump over the railing and begin acting like any other tank. Recommend using a turret. If so it will help deal with his entourage and can lure Roach over to any point of your choosing.


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