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Rooftop Comm Relay is the final mission for the TechTech Wing in Tom Clancy's The Division. Minimum enemy level is 22, and maximum as well known is level 30.


If you are under level 23, play with a teammate, and preferably use Superior or High End weapons.

If you are between level 28-30, you're fine solo. Just don't be too cocky when it comes to gunfight.


If you are playing on Normal, there is usually 2-3 bosses, with 4-6 enemies accompanying each boss. On hard, expect 3-4 bosses, with all other enemies being elites.

At the beginning of the mission you are met with average enemies, and it is a slow increase to the final boss. Which depending on your level. Can either be a breeze or a very large pain.


  • Eliminate 5-6 enemies on the ground.
  • Reach the rooftop (You will climb a ladder, and run into 4-5 enemies with shotguns, just be ready for close quarters).
  • Eliminate enemies.
  • Reach the Antenna.
  • Eliminate the Rikers (4-5 plus a boss) After this you have to go through a gate, and down a rope.
  • Eliminate 2nd wave of Rikers (7-12 no boss).
  • Continue moving and eliminate 3rd wave of Rikers (4-6).
  • Rescue the JTF engineer.
  • Protect Engineer from first wave of Rikers (2-3 plus boss
  • Protect Engineer from second wave of Rikers (4-5 no boss)
  • protect Engineer from third wave of Rikers (3-4 plus final boss, code named Glass)
  • Turn the Antenna back on.


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