The Outcasts long established their Stronghold on the former quarantine site, Roosevelt Island. Assault the island and put their leader, Emeline Shaw, out of action for good.

Roosevelt Island is the second Stronghold the player will face in Main Story.

Objectives Edit

Locate Emeline Shaw

  • Reach the quarantine
  • Secure the entrance
  • Find a way inside the stronghold
  • Rescue Angela Woods
  • Protect Angela Woods
  • Destroy the fuel tank
  • Find a way inside the stronghold
  • Protect Angela Woods
  • Locate the inner stronghold
  • Find C4
  • Use C4 to breach the gate
  • Neutralize the Outcast elite guard
  • Neutralize Emeline Shaw's personal guard
  • Neutralize Emeline Shaw's honor guard
  • Search for Emeline Shaw

Eliminate the Outcasts

  • Reach the dock

Destroy the Outcast boat

  • Destroy the fuel tanks 0/2
  • Destroy engine hatch
  • Access the engine
  • Set C4 charge
  • Evacuate the boat


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