Rioter 1: Now, sometimes the wanna hold onto their shit at any costs. Might even try to kill you to protect it.

Rioter 2: Yeah, I've seen that.

Rioter 1: In that case, measure up the biggest guy they got and shoot them in the head. Just drop that guy and the others will listen. Remember: he'd do the same to you if he could. Point blank, right in the head.

Rioter 2: Got it.

Rioter 1: With kids, it's even easier. Just aim at the kid, and they'll back down. No need to waste the ammo. If they got a dog, you can either threaten the dog or take it out. And if you've got the guts to do it, you can even bring it back here and roast it.

Rioter 2: Wait, you mean eat the dog?

Rioter 1: Hey, it actually tastes alright, if it's lean.

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