The SASG-12 is a 12 gauge, Kalashnikov base, semi automatic shotgun. It has an extremely rapid rate of fire, although the user is required to repeatedly depress the trigger (hence semi-auto, not auto). It also has a tight spread compared to many other shotguns and relatively low recoil. Its 'middle of the range' damage is compensated for by the fact that it features a gas operated box magazine which holds 7 rounds in its default state in the Division. This makes reloading considerably faster than many other shotguns. With high level Extended Magazines, this shotgun can put down an extremely high amount of damage before requiring reloading, firing almost as fast as you can pull the trigger, as well as staggering enemies hit, making it a very satisfying and effective short range weapon in usage.

The SASG-12 can take scope, magazine and skin mods, but not barrel or underbarrel mods.


  • SASG-12
  • Tactical SASG-12 K
  • Black Market SASG-12 S
  • Medved


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