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SHD Devices

SHD Tech (pronounced “Shade Tech”) is a shorthand for "Strategic Homeland Division Technology". It is a catch-all term for any proprietary assets, gadgetry and other pieces of technology employed exclusively by the Strategic Homeland Division and its agents. SHD Tech gives even a single Division Agent a massive tactical advantage in any hostile suituation.

Description and Usage

Common examples of gadgetry employed by the Division and their agents are pod launchers, first aid tech, armor kits, turrets, seeker mines and portable stations employed in skills. Division operatives possess Contact Lenses, that lets agents view their augmented reality heads-up display (AR HUD), which is synced to ISAC, and the agent's Smart Watch, all Division agents also carry a ISAC Brick which also allows the agent to communicate with fellow agents, hack nearby communication systems and computers, scan their surroundings and objects and using nearby ISAC server nodes to process nearby surveilance cameras, satalite feeds and local evidence to produce an ECHO which allows a Division Agent to reconstruct an event in near-real time.

SHD Tech is also used to reference more large-scale assets, like the SHD terminals employed in Last Stand and SHD Nodes, large scale servers that are scattered across the cities of the United States and linked together by a military-grade satalite network. SHD Nodes are vital part of SHD Tech as they provide the raw processing power and information that ISAC uses to deploy field equipemt such as Turrets. The term "Division Tech" is typically used interchangeably with SHD Tech.

Any active usage of SHD Tech in the field generally always means a Division agent is in the area, unless the tech was otherwise abandoned. SHD Tech has a unique signature identifiable by other instances of SHD Tech, meaning agents can always tell when SHD Technology is being used in some capacity by another agent or is otherwise present on the scene.

SHD Tech is suceptible to sabotage as shown in Washington, D.C., the Black Tusk destroyed both the primary SHD Node hidden in a decomissioned Cold War-era nuclear military bunker below the Washington Underground Gallery and multiple secondary nodes scattered across the city, including one underground near the Lincoln Memorial as shown in an ECHO. This created a catastrophic failure in the SHD Network, which as noted by Agent Alani Kelso caused all SHD Tech in a 50 mile radius of D.C. to go offline, this also cut off all communication with Division Agents across the country. The effects this had on other Division Agents is unknown except for a cutscene which shows SHD Tech, activating with it's unique orange glow in other cities, also Agent Faye Lau in New York City notices her Smart Watch, come back online. However, wether the D.C. failure affected them on the same scale is uncertain.

SHD Tech also been seen being operated by enemy factions like the Last Man Battalion since their leader struck a mutual deal with Aaron Keener and his fellow Rogue Division Agents. The LMB were given access to the the rogue agents' SHD Technologies in return for resources and have learnt to replicate some, such as Medkits, Turrets, Seeker Mines and Support Stations.

Meanwhile, Rogue Agents in New York and Washington, D.C. have been shown to be able to keep control of their SHD Tech after going Rogue and being disavowed, by disabling their ISAC Brick, which causes their SHD Tech to glow red instead of orange, this has since been used to identify a Rogue Agent in the Dark Zone.

The True Sons, a jingoistic paramilitary organization faction in D.C. also managed to replicate some SHD Technologies due to the presence of Rogue Division Agents in their ranks because they chose to join Colonel Ridgeway's cause after the cities collapse. Examples of these technologies include Defibrillators, Deployable Turrets and Riot Foam.

Some SHD technologies are even used by the Hunters, the most, intimidating and most powerful faction the Division agents have ever faced. Examples of these SHD technologies used by the Hunters are Jammer Pulses, Medkits, Armor Kits, Seeker Mines, Deployable Turrets. Hunters in partcular have shown they have the ability to hack SHD gadgetry to use against the said gadget's original owners through unknown means.

List of known SHD Technologies

Here is a list of known SHD tech which are used by Division agents as skills; during their campaigns in Manhattan and then later on in Washington D.C.


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