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The SMG-9 is a Submachine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Version Edit

The design is identical to the KG-99 except for a few manufacturing changes mainly in the sight design and placement. The TEC-9 was a favored firearm by gangs, especially the Cuban and Jamaican posses in Florida, due to its intimidating appearance and similarity to the fully automatic MP-9 submachine pistol. In addition to the black and satin nickel versions of the full sized TEC-9, there are several 'mini' variations of the gun, missing the barrel shield and sporting a slightly shorter barrel. These are known as the TEC-9 Minis. The TEC-9 series of pistols was built between 1985-1990.

Variants Edit

  • Converted SMG-9
  • Converted SMG-9 A2

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