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The SRS is a bolt-action Marksman Rifle which appears in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Version Edit

The Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) is a bolt-action sniper rifle. It is known for its bullpup design.

The SRS A1 Covert Rifle was purpose-designet for police and military snipers requiring ultimate concealability and maneuverability. Superb ergonomics combined with the core components of accuracy put the compact platform in sync with the frontline marksmen who wield it. At its essence, the 26-inch Covert is a long range tool capable of 1000-yard groupings while remaining nimble enough to convert to .338 Lapua Magnum punch for civilian and servicemen. It is the most compact sniper rifle on the planet.

The SRS-A1 Covert is the shortest sniper rifle in the world, with an overall length of just 27 inches. At over a foot shorter than traditional sniper rifles, the Covert adds a new level of concealability in a full-power sniper rifle the size of a submachining gun.

Variants Edit

  • Covert SRS
  • SRS A1

Gallery Edit

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