The SVD is a Marksman Rifle added in Tom Clancy's The Division in the Underground update.


The SVD is a fast firing, highly accurate marksman rifle. Compared to other semi-automatic rifles, the SVD has higher accuracy at the cost of lower damage and shorter range.

Its higher accuracy allows players to land follow up shots quickly and precisely. However, rapid-fire can make this difficult due to recoil.

The shorter range will hinder the SVD when compared to the SCAR-H and M1A at extreme distances. Hitting targets outside of its effective range will result in reduced damage, making this rifle more suited to mid-range combat.


  • Surplus SVD
  • Paratrooper SVD

Weapon TalentsEdit

When obtaining an SVD, the first two talents are rolled at random, while the third "free" talent comes with Disciplined.

  • Disciplined: Killing a target will make your next shot with the weapon be an automatic critical hit.



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