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Safe Houses are a small sanctuary for civilians, JTF members, and Division agents alike to rest and recharge away from the dangers of New York City, providing a social hub to interact with other players, a waypoint for the fast travel system, a place to refill on ammo and supplies, and a respawn point should an agent fall in the field. There is a Safe House hidden in practically every district in Manhattan, but an individual can locate one by looking for the white circle painted on a nearby wall, occasionally with an arrow within pointing in its direction. There are two basic types of safe house: those in Manhattan (the Light Zone) and those in the Dark Zone.

Normal Safe Houses are locations set up and manned by the JTF to provide localized support to personnel in the field, as well as basic/temporary shelter for some civilians. Safe houses serve as a base of operations for each district; each one is a safe zone, which means that weapons and skills are disabled. Unlike the outside world, players can see other players that are not members of their group. Players can recruit one another from these Safe Houses either by selecting them in person, or using a matchmaking terminal present.

Each normal Safe House contains various amenities and points of interest, including:

  • A resupply crate that refills ammo, frag grenades, and medkits for free.
  • Access to the player's stash (extended storage container).
  • A gear vendor or weapon vendor who sells items for CreditsCredits.
  • A situation board that, when first accessed, will place all encounters and side missions for that district on the player's map. When a district is fully completed, that situation board becomes the source and turn-in location for Search and Destroy missions.
  • A resident JTF Officer that serves as your guide for side missions within that district. Upon completion of all side missions in that district, the officer will give the player an extra reward.
  • A boombox that plays music and an episode of Rick Valassi's "Wouldn't You Know It".

There are also safe houses within the Dark Zone, though they are run by individual Division agents rather than the JTF. Unlike normal safe houses, the only amenities available in a Dark Zone safe house are one or two Dark Zone vendors and a resupply box; the vendor(s) barters in DzCredits Dark Zone currency for high-level items. Also unlike normal safe houses, Dark Zone safe houses have multiple entrances and exits to discourage players from griefing one another. Furthermore, a player is unable to use fast travel to move between safe houses or to leave the Dark Zone - fast travel is disabled in the Dark Zone's interior, in general.

The checkpoints on the Dark Zone's perimeter count as safe houses to an extent, as they all act as safe zones and provide fast travel locations, a respawn point and a resupply box, while most also provide the stash, a Dark Zone vendor, and a kiosk to check the Dark Zone leaderboards. Note that if a player is carrying contaminated items in a Dark Zone checkpoint and attempts to fast travel, the game will warn that those items will be destroyed (the same as if they attempted to walk back into the Light Zone with contaminated items on their person). Additionally, players cannot see other players not in their group inside a checkpoint; if a player not in the group enters a checkpoint from inside the Dark Zone, they will disappear from sight.

District Level Safe House Location Vendor JTF Officer
Hudson Yards 5-9 Kerman Station West 34th St and Hudson Blvd East Weapons JB Keller
Garment District 5-9 The Cavern West of West 34th St and 7th Ave Gear Brycce Thompson
Tenderloin 9-12 The Meat Locker East of West 24th St and 7th Ave Weapons Simon Kapornick
Hell's Kitchen 10-13 Dante's Run East of West 42nd and 10th Ave Gear Kelly Garcia
Time's Square 10-14 Autumn's Hope East of West 49th St and Broadway Ave Gear Winston Jefferson
Clinton 14-15 Wolves Den Southeast of West 52nd St and 9th Ave Weapons Sammy O'Hara
Flatiron 15-16 Madison's Stand East 29th St and Madison Ave Gear Anthony Zappa
Gramercy 16-18 The Last Call West of East 20th st and 1st Ave Weapons Suzie Broughn
Stuyvesant 18-19 The Ward South of East 23rd St and Avenue C Gear
Kips Bay 20-23 Southpaw Northwest of East 29th St and 1st Ave Gear Paul Aguilar
Murray Hill 24-26 Grindhouse West of East 38th St and 3rd Ave Weapons Albert Gutnick
Turtle Bay 27-28 The Firewall East 43rd St and 2nd Ave Gear Lissa Montelli
Midtown East 28-30 The Crypt East of East 52nd St and Madison Ave Weapons Teresa Lopez
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