Seasons are introduced in the Year 2 for Tom Clancy's The Division 2, available only to the players who own the expansion Warlords of New York. Each season lasts for three months, each one comes with a narrative manhunt target, Global Events, Apparel Events, Leagues, and Season Passes.

Manhunt Edit

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In order to take down the prime target, you will first need to take down four of his/her lieutenants, much alike to the Aaron Keener Manhunt. The four lieutenants will become available through time during the course of the season. Each target will be able to unlock by doing its specific set of objectives. Each targets are narrative driven. After beating them for the first time, players will be able to reset the targets on story or a higher difficulty, providing replayability and challenge to players.

In a season, there will be a couple of rewards system, as well as the return of the Global Events.

There will be a battle pass, which is set to be 100 levels. It has a free track and a premium track.The premium track will have more rewards, but players who purchased the premium track won't have big advantages towards those without. The Year 2 Season 1 Premium Pass are free, starting from Season 2, each premium is set at the cost of 10 euros (10 dollars). At the end of each season, players that can't catch up with the progression can purchase tiers. Purchasing tiers will only be available during the ending period of each season.

Within a season, there will be global events, which will last for a week. In Year 2 Season 1, there will be three global events, and one appeal event. Each global event features a special buff that can be used on your enemy. You can earn rewards that ranged from materials to exotic cache, they can be earned by completing daily challenges during the course of the global event.

League happens in every month. The league system features "stages", which is similar to the tiers of shields in Tom Clancy's The Division. Stages provide you with a wide range of objectives, from missions based to NPCs based. Once you have done enough of these stages, you will receive a reward, which will gain you special cosmetic items, and gear caches. In order to play Seasons, you must be level 40 and own Warlords of New York and have already completed the campaign.

Worth noting all exotic caches gained from seasons will not drop the raid exclusive weapon Eagle Bearer.

Season 1 was released the week after the release of expansion Warlords of New York on March 10.

Season 1 - Shadow Tide Edit

Season 1 begins with the introduction of a second manhunts of rogue agents consist of Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Along that are three Global Events and four League Events.

  • March 10: Neptune Manhunt (started)
  • March 17 - 30: Westside League (ended)
  • March 24 - 30: Polarity Switch Global Event (ended)
  • March 31: Venus Manhunt (started)
  • April 7 - 20: Northeast League (ended)
  • April 21: Saturn Manhunt (started)
  • April 28 - May 11: Home League (ended)
  • May 5 - 11: Reanimated Global Event (ended)
  • May 12: Mercury Manhunt (started)
  • May 12: Jupiter Manhunt (started)
  • May 19 - June 1: Hill League (started)
  • May 26 - June 1: Guardians Global Event (started)

Season 2 Edit

Coming soon.

XP needed for season rank up Edit

Level XP needed Total XP
1 100k 100k
2 200k 300k
3 300k 600k
4 400k 1m
5 500k 1,5m
6 600k 2.1m
7-100 700k 67.2m


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