We got eighty civilians in there, but one of them's missing.
- Captain Benitez to the agent

Secure Quarantine Center, is the next side mission after General Assembly in Tom Clancy's The Division.


The JTF found an IED inside the Secure Quarantine Center. The IED goes off upon the player reaching the center. A group of Rikers led by Downbeat attack the JTF at the facility. The player is then tasked with eliminating Downbeat and his gang.


  1. Investigate the Quarantine Center.
  2. Secure the area.
  3. Eliminate Downbeat.
  4. Search Downbeat's body for clues.

The missions starts when an IED explodes inside the facility. Benitez orders the agent to get anyone out of the building. ISAC responds with "No life signs detected." Afterward, a JTF soldier reports a group of Rikers led by Downbeat heading toward the center. The agent is then tasked with eliminating waves of Rikers and eliminating Downbeat. After killing Downbeat, Benitez tells the agent to search Downbeat's body for clues to what happened.

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