LMB 1: So I'm thinking the ones we really got to worry about are the cons. They know how to fight.

LMB 2: Nah, nah. It's those Cleaners. The guys with flamethrowers. They got discipline.

LMB 1: They don't have range. Rikers, they've got some sort of arms pipeline in place. They've got sniper rifles, the've got SMGs...

LMB 2: Flamethrowers, man. And those guys are fanatics. They don't run.

LMB 1: Don't have to run if you drop 'em from half a klick a way.

LMB 2: I'm not buying it.

LMB 1: What about the JTF? You think they're gonna be a problem?

LMB 2: JTF? Are they still even in Manhattan?

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