Releases an automated mine that seeks out hostile targets before exploding on proximity.
- In-game description

Seeker Mine

The Seeker Mine is a piece of SHD Technology that serves as a skill in Tom Clancy's The Division and Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Functionality Edit

When used, an agent activates a small rounded mine and throws it (or drops it at their feet); the mine will immediately lock onto the closest enemy target in range and roll along the ground in their direction. Once in proximity, the mine will immediately detonate in an explosion for damage or another effect. The Seeker Mine has a few settings that the user can program into the Seeker Mine to create a variety of effects.

Seeker Mine in Tom Clancy's The Division Edit

The Seeker Mine serves as a Tech Tech skill appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Requirement: Tech Wing Upgrade - Communications

Mod 1: Airburst Edit

Upon impact, the mine is launched into the air and releases a cluster of small incendiary explosives.
- In-game description

The Airburst Seeker Mine will no longer explode for a burst of damage when in proximity. Instead, the mine will release chaff into the air, unleashing a large field of flames that will burn anyone caught in its radius.

The Airburst is colored in a bright 'hazardous' yellow tint.

Mod 2: Gas Charge Edit

Upon impact, the mine moves between multiple targets and releases a cloud of gas.
- In-game description

Instead of blowing up for damage when in proximity, the Gas Charge Seeker Mine will explode into a cloud of tear gas, similar to a tear gas grenade. The cloud will disorient anyone inside its field, even the mine's user.

The Gas Charge mod is colored in a camo green tint.

Mod 3: Cluster Edit

The mine separates into smaller mines that seek out multiple targets simultaneously.
- In-game description

The Cluster Seeker Mine, when released, will split apart into four smaller mines that can seek multiple targets at the same time. Each individual cluster piece, when detonated, explodes for damage - not as much as the baseline mine - and causes the enemy to bleed.

The Cluster mod is colored in a black tint. The same goes for the base version of the mod.

Master: Seeking Betty Edit

The mine can bounce onto and over low covers, and can move more directly towards its targets.
- In-game description

The Seeker Mine can more easily traverse cover and obstacles in the field and reach its target with a more direct path, shortening overall travel time and preventing the mine from getting stuck somewhere.

Seeker Mine in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Edit

Explosive Edit

  • This classic seeker mine chases the target that it will either track automatically but can also be given a specific target at the agent's choosing, then detonates with a staggering explosion that causes enemies to bleed. However, it can be avoided as there is a slight arming time before it explodes.
    • The Explosive variant has the same look from the first game, albeit it glows a constant red. It also has the quickest cooldown period out of all the mines.

Airburst Edit

  • This mine rolls to your designated area and then launches an explosive burst into the air at head height of the enemy when reaching proximity. Any enemies caught within the mine's blast zone are inflicted with burn damage and status.
    • The Airburst variant has a sleek design, with two thin circle rings glowing a dim red. Unlike other mines: airburst mines cannot be thrown and do not automatically engage enemies. They must be deployed near the agent, then manually select an area to be incinerated.

Mender Edit

  • Similar to the Reinforcer Chem Launcher, this friendly little seeker mine releases repair chemicals. These chemicals form a cloud that repairs your armor or that of an ally. If you have not chosen a specific target for the Mender Seeker Mine, allies that lose all their armor are automatically targeted by the mine. This is the Specialist skill for the Survivalist Specialization.
    • The Mender variant looks the same as the Explosive variant, albeit glows a constant green instead of red.

Cluster Edit

  • The Cluster contains a number of smaller charges in one package, each capable of propelling itself. When deployed, each of the smaller mines picks a target and sets off towards it. However, these smaller mines are easier to avoid as they do not have room for advanced tracking equipment and cannot adjust their destination if their target moves.
    • The Cluster variant has a similar design to the Hive on both sides and glows a dim yellow-red.


  • The Seeker Mine is one of the few skills where its functionally drastically changes across all four versions. The mods focus on Crowd Control in different forms and applying different levels of damage, so if you're looking for a single powerful explosive burst of damage, the base skill is worth considering.
  • The Seeker Mine, while not as lethal or loud like the Sticky Bomb, makes up for these shortcomings by being hard to dodge once it's deployed and fulfilling different niches.
  • Just as the Sticky Bomb can supplement your supply of grenades, the Seeker Mine is a good alternative if you're looking for ordnance to deal damage or apply crowd control with. Specifically, the mine serves as an incendiary grenade (Airburst), tear gas grenade (Gas Charge) or miniature frag grenade (baseline/Cluster) on a stick.
  • Airburst and Gas Charge are both effective at crowd control, though the Gas Charge sacrifices lethality in exchange for being able to disorient the enemy.
  • The Seeker Mine, like any other deployable skill, can be destroyed before releasing its payload by shooting at it. The mine will not move until a target is within range, and a target can usually tell when a mine is locked onto them and in close proximity.
  • The Cluster Seeker Mine has its uses in Player vs. Player (PvP) action as well, since four smaller mines are more difficult to destroy than one big mine, and applying the Bleed effect makes the enemy slightly easier to control. However, since destroying deployables can contribute towards certain build effects (destroying a deployable counts as a "kill"), and since the Seeker Mine technically counts as a deployable, destroying the four miniature mines from the Cluster counts as four kills for build purposes, and that could mean trouble.
  • Airburst is effective against single, powerful enemies, since the Burn effect deals damage over time and leaves the enemy incapacitated as they try to put out the flames.
  • Turrets will target seeker mines and usually destroy them as fast as they're deployed, so it is wise to either destroy the turret first or throw the mines out of its field of view.
  • Rogue First Division Wave agents also use Seeker Mines, however, they are only base versions. Rogues will drop them at their feet, and a red blast radius, similar to a thrown grenade, will appear when the mine is about to explode.


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