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Worn by the 2004 championship cup winning Shortbows' center, Mark Gravel.
- Description

The Shortbow Championship pads is an Exotic knee pads gear piece in The Division, reclassified as such in Update 1.6. They can drop from the named enemy Hutch, the final boss of the mission Madison Field Hospital, as well as from Field Proficiency Caches and Survival Caches. The pads are named for the fictional New York City hockey team, the Shortbows, and share the team's color scheme.

Talent and Suggested Usage Edit

Like all Exotic gear pieces, the knee pads feature an exclusive talent unavailable to all other gear pieces.

Talent | Shortbow Championship pads
The fuse time on grenades is reduced to 0.20 seconds
Normally, when tossing any type of grenade, the grenade will sit on the ground for about 1.5–2 seconds before detonating; this wait from the grenade landing to the grenade exploding is the "fuse time" the talent refers to. A landed grenade has a telegraphed area of effect before detonating, and in most cases, players and NPCs alike are quick to react and try to get away from the blast radius.

With the Shortbow Championship pads, grenades will now detonate almost instantly when fully landed, with almost no warning as a result. This can dramatically change the behavior, and by extent the efficiency, of using ordnance both in Player vs. Environment (PvE) and especially Player vs. Player (PvP). Outside of certain mods to skills, grenades are typically an agent's primary source of crowd control (CC), with each grenade offering a different type of CC; being able to lay down CC instantly as opposed to with a short delay is a significant advantage to have. Instead of having to slightly plan ahead with where to drop a grenade, they can be used more "on reaction" (travel time permitting) and with much less risk of an enemy escaping the blast. Naturally, the talent only matters if an agent is in the habit of using grenades anyway, and it can take some adjustment to master the new, shorter fuse time.

Ultimately, the Shortbow Championship pads can be a handy piece of gear to have, but only if the owner regularly uses grenades already and is willing to take the time to adjust to the shortened fuse.

Combines well with the FireCrest and Final Measure sets, given FireCrest's bonus incendiary grenades and Final Measure's grenade defusal/capture mechanic, in both cases allowing agents to use their additional/captured grenades to maximum effect.

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