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Bounties Edit

Gang leaders are threatening and killing civilians in cold blood in areas where the JTF operates in so the agent must kill the gang leaders and eliminate the gangs to rid the presence of the hostile gangs and increase the foothold of the JTF in a particular area.

Supply Drop Edit

Some supplies had mis-drops from supply aircraft and landed in random places around Manhattan. Another problem is that rioters are willing to destroy the supplies to weaken the JTF so it is up to the agent to defend it until a JTF patrol can secure and collect it.

  • Chelsea Medical Supplies
  • Pennslyavania Plaza Medical Supplies
  • Husdon Yards Armaments

Uplink Repair Edit

The communications in some district needed to be fixed as rioters damaged it and it is up to the agent to fix it.

Rescue Edit

Missing Person Edit

Restore Brooklyn Edit

Before the first mission, Precinct Siege and the Manhattan Transfer, the agent must do 3 side quests to restore Northern Brooklyn. Start your mission by request situation report from Officer Hazen.

When finished, Report progress to Officer Hazen at the safe house and he will thank the player before they leave Brooklyn. XP: 2500

Pictures Edit

This is the icon for a side mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.