Signature Skills

The three signature skills: Recovery Link, Tactical Link, and Survivor Link

Signature Skills are powerful tools to change the momentum of combat. Use them wisely, as they take a long time to recharge after use.
- Signature Skill description

Signature Skills in The Division are powerful skills that are activated by pressing both bumper buttons on console (T on PC by default) and cause dramatic effects. Once you have completed all the upgrades for their specific wing, the slot will unlock. Players may equip 1 Signature Skill at any time.

Signature Skills

Skill Name Description Type

Tactical Link

Weapon enhancement system which provides temporarily increased damage and weapon performance to the user and all nearby allies.

Tactical Tech Skill

Recovery Link Heals and cures the user and nearby allies. Revives allies in range. Automatically triggers on lethal damage when not in a group.

Medical Medical Skill

Survivor Link

Increases damage resistance and speed for group members and grants and emergency health boost to the user when taking lethal damage.

Security Security Skill


Added in Update 1.5, players can no longer "chain" signature skills together. When a player uses a Signature Skill, the group is prevented from activating the same Signature Skill for 60 seconds.

Cooldown time

A Signature Skill's base cooldown time is 1,080s, around 18 minutes. However, the cooldown time can be decreased by a player's skill power, weapon talents, and the  Signature Skill Resource Gain attribute.

Skill Power

Skill power actively affects the cooldown time. The more skillpower you have, the quicker the Signature Skill recharges.

Signature Skill Resource Gain

The Signature Skill Resource Gain attribute does not decrease the cooldown time, rather it increases the value of reduction to the time when getting kills. When getting kills, the time is decreased by an amount. The Signature Skill Resource Gain attribute adds to that value. Headshot kills also increases this value.

Weapon Talents

The weapon talents Skilled and Trained  can also affect the recharge time.


  • Headshot kills with this weapon increase Signature Skill resources by 5%


  • Critical hits increase Signature Skill resource by 0.1%
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