Division agent Simon Keyes is a part of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) Strategic Branch and is in charge of the local New York City ISAC Data Node. He is the protagonist of the storyline of Operation ISAC YouTube videos.

Current Status Edit

As a part of the Strategic Branch of the SHD, Simon was a member of a team tasked with safeguarding the Iocal data node of Intelligent System Analytic Computer (ISAC), used for Division communications, in the New York City. However, he was the only one who has survived by the time of the events of Operation ISAC.

Simon started working with Second Wave Division agents in order to provide intel and rewards in order for completing ISAC.exe (later known as Weekly ISAC Assignment) after he discovered that someone was trying to take control of the ISAC node. He learnt from Agent St. Claire that someone is trying to find him and the node.

He finds out the guy after the node is "Asher" and informed the Division field agents of the Last Man Battalion acquiring a SHD-XT47 supercomputer that can bypass the IDS and reveal the Data Node's position.

Now working with a woman now known as Esmay (E is her codename), he tried to get the hardware to protect the Node but only got the request accepted by initiating a trade of a Division Shade Tech watch that can only access certain things as part of the restriction put on by Simon. Esmay was about to have the hardware acquired but is pinned down by enemy forces.

After she was rescued, Esmay was brought by Simon to the Data Node to recuperate. The two worked with Agent Rainer to take out "Asher" who had been trying to take over the node. Rainer was successful in rescuing Esmay's sister Alex. The two planned to go to a safe quarantine zone through a Joint Task Force helicopter. But when they were supposed to depart, Simon discovers they weren't on the passenger list and confronts Rainer about it. Rainer reveals the truth that he is "Asher".

Rainer kidnaps Esmay and tries to force Simon to give him access to the ISAC node. Simon however has Alex secretly rescued but Rainer discovers that he is stalling him. Rainer threatens to kill Esmay if Simon doesn't give him access, but he is able to seemingly help her escape though is wounded in the process. Rainer goes to find Esmay to force Simon to give him access to the node, but unbeknownst to him, she was hiding in the base. Simon gives a final mission to the Division agents to kill Rainer. He is saved from bleeding to death by Esmay and as has a reward delivered to the base of the Division agents for helping him.


  • Simon is portrayed by actor Timothy Paul Driscoll in the Operation ISAC YouTube videos.
  • He appears to be an introvert who prefers to spend most of his time inside the Data Node Room. Esmay comments that he lives like a troll. She also comments that he always wears the shirts of same color.
  • He isn't afraid to put himself in harm's way if there is no other choice despite his apparent introvertness.
  • He creeps out Esmay often. In the 14th transmission, she is creeped out when he contacts her. She also gets surprised when he wakes up suddenly and assures her of rescuing Alex in 1he 8th transmission.
  • Esmay feels hesitant in changing her clothes in his room and later comments that he is basically a peeping tom.
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