In Tom Clancy's The Division and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 players are able to use various different skills to gain an advantage over others in combat. Skills are unlocked as the player upgrades the Base of Operations.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division - Skills Trailer US

Tom Clancy’s The Division - Skills Trailer US

In Tom Clancy's The Division, skills are divided up into three groups; Medical, Tech, and Security. Players are able to choose what skills they wish to focus on or specialize in. These skills are active abilities used by the player which then recharge before the player can use them again. There are 2 slots for skills and 1 slot for signature skill. Signature Skills are powerful tools to change the momentum of combat. Use them wisely, as they take a long time to recharge after use.

Medical Skills

Medical skills provide support and Intel for the agent and their team.

Tech Skills

Tech skills give agents an offensive edge.

Security Skills

Security skills are focused on defensive capabilities.

Skills have 3 different mods that can be chosen and once a Wing is fully upgraded all skills in that wing then unlock their Mastery Perk which will be activated alongside the mod chosen. For example, the Turret skill can be modded to have a Pulse attached to it (Active Scanner mod) or it can be modded as a flamethrower with the Dragonbreath mod. So each skill can be very unique based on the upgrades the players want to pick. Signature Skills, on the other hand, are already very powerful and thus do not have any mods or masteries associated with them

Skills are closely tied with Talents and Perks, and they can work well together if the right ones are picked. Make sure that you optimize your Talents and Skills to be the most effective for your goal.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

After the agents reach Washington D.C. and secure the White House as their Base of Operations. The agent will have the option to unlock any 2 skills. New Skills can also be unlocked in the future as the agent upgrades the Base of Operations. Skills can be unlocked at the Quartermaster who sits at the main entrance of the White House.

Skills available to Division Agents are:

As you unlock a skill you will be asked to unlock any one of its mods (in future new mods can be unlocked using SHD Tech). These mods change the way the skill works. It won't change it fundamentally (Any drone will still fly) but it changes its utility (Striker Drones do damage, but Fixer Drones heal armor). This means agents have a vast array of skill combinations they can use.

Also, agents can optimize their skills by equipping specific mods. These mods will increase a stat of the ability, and tend to also decrease another stat to a smaller degree.

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