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After the agents reach Washington, D.C. and secure the White House as their Base of Operations. The agent will have the option to unlock any two skills. New Skills can also be unlocked in the future as the agent upgrades the Base of Operations. Skills can be unlocked at the Quartermaster who sits at the main entrance of the White House.

Available Skills

Skills available to Division Agents are:


The Pulse skill sends out a wave around the agent and can do a variety of things. It can spot enemies, disrupt them, or confuse them out of their cover.


The Turret is a deployable device that will fire at enemies with varying payloads. It can also be told to target one specific enemy over all others, or to fire at any enemy of its choice.

Seeker Mine

The Seeker Mine is a deployable sphere that will move towards its target in order to complete its task. Most of the options have it damage enemies in varying ways, but there is one where it will heal friendlies. The Seeker Mine can be assigned to any entity that is valid and it will roll over at top speed.

Ballistic Shield

The Ballistic Shield is just that, a shield. It prevents an enemy's bullets from hitting the agent from a certain direction. The shield will take a certain amount of damage before it breaks, and in order for it to be deployed, the agent must be out of cover. The mods for this skill mainly affect the mobility of the agent while the shield is in use.

Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher is a device that allows for various payloads to be launched over a large distance. These payloads vary in their ability, with most being harmful.


The Drone is a deployable device that flies above the agent. It acts similar to the Firefly in the way that it can have a target assigned to it. The Drone has a variety of mods for it, ranging from the standard damage-dealing ones, to healing/defensive ones.


The Firefly is a deployable device that flies to its designated target and deploys its cargo. The cargo can be any of a few things, all of which act similar to different grenade types.


The Hive is a deployable device that is thrown onto the ground. Once it hit the ground, it will deploy multiple small machines that can perform a multitude of tasks. These can be healing friendlies, damaging enemies, or giving fellow agents a buff.

Unlocking Mods

As you unlock a skill you will be asked to unlock any one of its mods (in future new mods can be unlocked using SHD Tech). These mods change the way the skill works. It won't change it fundamentally (Any drone will still fly) but it changes its utility (Striker Drones do damage, but Fixer Drones heal armor). This means agents have a vast array of skill combinations they can use.

Also, agents can optimize their skills by equipping specific mods. These mods will increase a stat of the ability, and tend to also decrease another stat to a smaller degree. 

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