And his latest recruit, Skyler William, call-sign Belfry. Don't know if he's clever or crazy, but he's been spotted with the Outcasts, so my bet's on crazy.
- Alani Kelso

Skyler Williams, call-sign ''Belfry'', was one of Bardon Schaeffer's four lieutenants in the Concealed Agenda season.


Born and raised in Maryland. After serving in the U.S. Army and being hired by The Division, Skyler Williams, also known as Belfry, he retired from the army and became a local police officer in the bedroom community. After being activated, he was stationed in Washington, D.C. at the CERA camp in Dark Zone South.  After his camp experience, he was cheated and eventually joined the Black Tusk when he saw his family exposed to DC-62 and died.


After Williams joined Schaeffer's rogue agent's cell, he asked him for a supply drop, but it never came through. Williams then called Linette "Dusk" Edwards and Marley "Shade" Yarrow to see if they have got their supply drops. Both of them told Williams that they got the drop and also made sarcastic remarks on Williams.

Williams finally got through with Schaeffer later. Schaeffer told Williams that something came up, so he couldn't get the supply drop in place, and will make a rearrangement on delivery shortly. Williams accepted his apology and tell Schaeffer not to stood him up again.

Williams and his Outcasts were hunted down by a Division agent for his Intel on Schaeffer whereabouts, and was killed.


Belfry was a rogue agent armed with a Custom M44, Police T821, Incinerator Turrets, Striker Drones and Incendiary grenades.

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