Smart Cover Device
Smart Cover
is a skill in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Requirement: Security Wing Upgrade - Situation Room

Description: Reinforces nearby covers, increasing accuracy and stability while reducing incoming damage.

Mod 1: Trapper

Using cover within Smart Cover's range buffs allies and debuffs enemies by equal amounts.

Mod 2: Recharger

Allies using a reinforced cover slowly recover their health and get their skill cooldowns reduced.

Mod 3: Concealment

Allies using a reinforced cover are hidden from hostile pulses and have reduced threat. Hostiles shot by allies from behind the cover are pulsed.

Master: Cover Trail

Extends the effect so that it lasts for a period of time after leaving the cover.

Base Values for Level 30

Smart Cover Trapper Recharger Concealment
Damage Resistance 10.90% 8.20% 10.90% 10.90%
Weapon Stability 16.30% 11.60% 16.30% 16.30%
Weapon Accuracy 16.30% 11.60% 16.30% 16.30%
Effect Range 8.0 m 8.0 m 8.0 m 6.0 m
Lifetime 30.0 s 30.0 s 20.0 s 30.0 s
Cooldown 45.0 s 45.0 s 45.0 s 45.0 s

Max Cap for all Smart Covers

Damage resistance: 75%

Damage increase: 50%

Cooldown: 20 seconds


  • Can be used to assist group members who are suppressed by continuous sniper fire, giving them enough attack power to fight back.
  • The Smart Cover device can be destroyed by gunfire along with explosions so it's important that the device is placed out of harm's away.
  • The trapper mod is useful for dealing consistent damage against suppressed enemies though this mod is less effective against players.
  • The Trapper mod is meant to be deployed onto the object/area which an enemy is using for cover (i.e. an NPC sniper); may also be deployed onto object/area the player is using for cover, similar to the base Smart Cover or other Smart Cover mods.


  • The Smart Cover device can be deployed from a launcher, the same as the Sticky Bomb, and First Aid. The launcher's color is white.


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