LMB Spotter: Heads up. Two o'clock, standing on the roof by the billboard.

LMB Sniper: Yeah, I see. Single target. Looks like the mustache could use a trim. Target zero point two six mils high. Angle zero.

LMB Spotter: Yeah, that'll put you at twelve hundred and twenty meters. That's Darby's record, plus sixty.

LMB Sniper: Darby's about to eat it. What's my dial?

LMB Spotter: Dial eighteen mils, one click.

LMB Sniper: Wind?

LMB Spotter: Nine o'clock, three miles per hour. Dial left, one point two mils.

LMB Sniper: Alright, package waiting.

LMB Spotter: Send it.

*Shot fired*

LMB Spotter: Jesus!

LMB Sniper: If you see Darby, tell him to get his ass back to target practice. New queen just got crowned.

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