Stamina Stamina is one of the three core player stats in The Division. It is the "defense" stat, providing increased health in tandem with armor and resistances to improve a character's overall toughness and survivability. In Update 1.8, one point of Stamina equates to thirty (30) points of Health. Players can gain more points in Stamina by equipping gear and modifications that focus on the stat.

Like its sister core stats Firearms Firearms and Electronics Electronics, Stamina is also used as a threshold for assorted weapon talents. Certain talents require a minimum Stamina value for them to become active on a weapon. Most talents that use Stamina involve health or armor management, resource management, or gaining a bonus for being at a certain health level.

Stamina symbolically aligns with the Medical Wing of the Base of Operations.


  • Before Update 1.8, not counting up to shortly after launch, one point of Stamina provided only 15 Health.
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