Requirement: Tech Wing Upgrade - Recalibration

Unlock item stat switching at the Recalibration Station.

Stat Switching Overview and Description

Stat Switch is a Perk unlocked when acquiring the Tech Wing upgrade 'Recalibration' for 200 Tech supplies.

Unlocking Stat Switch provides access to a station type interactive 'vendor' object (as opposed to a vendor NPC) at your Base of Operations, in the Tech wing.

The station operates thusly:

When you interact with the station, you are shown an inventory of all items you are carrying (including currently equipped items) that are suitable for stat switching. Upon selecting one of your gear items on the left, the standard description of the item and its current stats appear in the middle pane. Said 'stats' include base stats, such as Firearms, Stamina and Electronics, as well as bonus stats, such as Additional Crit Chance or Additional Crit Damage as well as more obscure bonuses such as Additional Turret Damage. Stat switching appears to be limited to those items which grant Armor. Weapons and other non-armor type gear items cannot be modified via stat switching at the current time.

Any existing stat displayed in Orange in the middle pane is available for stat switching. To switch a stat, simply click on the stat that you want to change, then with the stat selected, press the activate button. Observe a list of stats that you may interchange, appearing above right. Select the stat that you want to add, and press the activate button again (Space Bar on PC, etc.). At this point you will be charged the amount of currency shown as cost for the switch and the game will 'roll' the new stat, giving you a potentially different value from the old stat. For example, if a gear item of level 12 has a possible range of 40-50 base stat, and currently has 45 Electronics, and you want to change that for Firearms, when the game 're-rolls' the Firearms stat, you will get another chance at the maximum value (rolling a 50). Similarly though, you may roll lower, however the range of the stat remains the same, based on the item level and quality. Once an item has been modified via the stat station, the change is permanent and cannot be rolled back, however, an additional stat switch may be performed from a limited number of the available stats (it is currently unclear if these are random or always the same), for a significantly higher currency cost.

This represents a potentially powerful end game gear tweaking method, particularly for balancing stats in order to activate gear bonuses that depend on certain values for primary stats, or simply itemizing a high value piece better for min-maxing a role. The high cost of the service renders it worthwhile only for your finest gear pieces, and therefore should not be considered a priority unlock while you are regularly swapping out gear for higher level variants.

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