A Status Effect is a condition that affects an individual, whether a player or an NPC, that impacts their ability to perform actions. In common Division parlance, this almost always refers to debuffs that can temporarily cripple a character in one way or another. Player characters and NPCs may exhibit differing behavior when exposed to a status effect, but the net result should still be the same. Upon players, most status effects impact the user interface (UI) on top of any other mechanical effects. Using certain status effects (as well as suppressive fire) is what passes as "crowd control" in The Division.

Status effects are typically inflicted from skills, grenades and consumables, environmental effects or from certain talents on gear. They can be cleansed by the First Aid skill, the Immunizer mod on the Support Station, the Recovery Link Signature Skill, certain gear talents, and eating the Energy Bar consumable. Certain stat rolls on gear can include resistances to specific effects (or resistance to all effects, in one case). The Urban MDR's exclusive "Distracted" talent lets the weapon do increased damage against targets suffering from a status effect, making it a good weapon for those specializing in applying and maintaining status effects.

Types of Status Effects Edit

  • Burn/On Fire - The victim is alight with flames on their body, dealing damage over time and forcing the individual to pat themselves down to put out the fire. Standing in a source of fire will prolong/refresh the effect. A player cannot use their weapon or run while patting themselves down, and their screen is tinted orange. Despite what one might think, a player's evasive roll will not put out the flames any faster. The FireCrest gear set specializes in this particular status effect. Ferro's Oxygen Mask allows an agent to ignore these crowd control effects, letting them run and gun while burning.
  • Disoriented - The victim is dazed and impaired, typically by gas or chemicals. A player's vision is fuzzy but not fully blinded, their accuracy is crippled, and attempting to move causes them to shift in erratic directions. An NPC will be momentarily dazed as they cough and hack. Standing in a gas cloud prolongs/refreshes the effect.
  • Disrupt - The victim is stunned and staggered in such a way that any active skills are destroyed/stopped and cannot be used for the duration, effectively "silencing" them and disabling their abilities. EMP effects fall under this status effect. The player's heads-up display (HUD) will turn fuzzy and distorted.
  • Shock/Paralyzed - The victim is paralyzed by an electric shock. Their muscles will seize up, interrupting whatever they were doing, causing them to stand up even out of cover, and they will be completely incapacitated and defenseless for the duration of the shock. The player's HUD will warble, and their vision will turn fuzzy and tinted blue.
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