Agent, you need to protect the hostages. These are key personnel.

Stolen Signal is an Incursion added into Tom Clancy's The Division in Update 1.6: Last Stand. A local television studio and broadcasting center run by the Joint Task Force was overrun by a band of Rikers and taken over. A squad of Division agents must head inside the studios, rescue the JTF personnel held hostage there, and crush the Rikers before any damage is done.

Walkthrough Edit


Upon starting the incursion, players must first fight their way to the TV studio, facing various Rikers, including Runners and Hitmen. Upon reaching the studio lobby, players must clear multiple waves of Rikers.

Once the lobby has been cleared, players are now tasked to clear three studios, and are free to do them in any order. All three studios must be cleared in order to progress the incursion.

Studio 1Edit

Time to do some damage!"
"Leave me alone!
- Riker Runner and JTF personnel
Turret gallery offensive

Studio one must have Agents carry a fuse to the generator box at the end of a hallway to the studio room. However, the path to the generator is covered with defensive turrets, similar to the ones in Falcon Lost and Clear Sky. As a result, the player carrying the fuse must be covered by the other members of the squad. Ballistic shields, EMP status effects, or body blocking combined with healing are viable strategies to get to the objective. On Heroic difficulties, Runners and Slingers will also spawn in to attack. Once the fuse has been connected, the turrets will be deactivated.

Afterwards, the studio room will be opened up with the hostage and Rikers inside. In this room, cover is sparse, and Riker will spawn from the doors at the sides, and the from the front of the room.

Once the initial group of Rikers are killed, additional waves of Rikers will begin to spawn in. Rikers from the front will drop down to the studio floor, while Hitmen will remained on the perch. Additionally, the doors to the side will spawn in Runners and Guards.

Stolen Signal News Room

After a few waves, a Runner will spawn in from one of the side doors and will begin targeting the JTF hostage with a timer. If the timer runs out, the Runner will begin attacking the hostage, and can kill the hostage unless the players kill him. This Runner will be marked and must be top priority for the group to prevent a wipe.

The boss Checkers will then spawn on the balcony. She carries a Dazzler laser, which causes a Deaf/Blind status effect, similar to LMB Tier 2 Snipers. At this point, Rikers will continue to spawn in, with the special Runner occasionally. With sparse cover, players must either use Mobile Cover or use the various props around the studio to mitigate damage. Once the players killed Checkers, the Rikers will stop spawning in. After clearing the room, secure the hostage and exit the Studio and back to the lobby.

Studio 2Edit

Gonna dislocate his arms.
- Roy Benitez
Dance Floor

Studio 2 is the location of a Talent Show set. Before entering the studio, players must clear the hallway leading up to the room.

Upon entering the room, the JTF hostage is sent into the air and hanging there, and players can't get onto the stage due to stage lights blocking the path. Agents must hold out against constantly spawning waves of Rikers. However, the floor is wet and has been exposed to electrical wiring, and as a result, the floor will electrified from time to time, shocking the players and the hostage. Agents must avoid getting shocked by going onto raised areas of the floor that are dry, or by placing an Immunizer Support Station to remove the status effect.

After clearing the initial group of Rikers, a Guard will emerge and begin walking towards the hostage. After a certain amount of time, the Guards will target and attack the hostage. As a result, the players must kill the Guard before he kills the hostage.

Stolen Signal Dance Floor

After killing the first Guard, the boss Curveball will spawn and move towards the raised podium. From there, he will throw grenades. He throws grenades faster and while in cover, making it hard to hit him. The main objective is to kill Curveball. As his health gets lower, the floor will get electrified more frequently and deals more damage. In addition, the Guard that targets the hostage will spawn more often and will take less time before attacking the hostage.

Upon killing Curveball, the door to the stage will be open, and the Agents can free the JTF hostage by interacting with the console on the podium. Afterwards, the players will go back to the lobby.

Studio 3Edit

...Now move your ass back and cover your ears, 'cause this is going to be loud as fuck.
- Pigstick
Sitcom Studio

Studio 3 takes place on the second floor of the TV studio. There, Agents must first clear two waves of Rikers, large amounts of Runners in the hallway leading up to the main room. Once the hallway has been cleared, the room is made available to enter.

Upon entering the sit-com studio, players must defuse a bomb on the indicated door where the JTF and civilians are holding up. The terminal is placed nearby and must be interacted with before the timer runs out. Once the bomb has been disarmed, the players must clear the area before proceeding.

Once the studio has been cleared, Pigstick will spawn in the control room above the door you came in. As this point, waves of Rikers will continue to spawn in, from the control room, and the service rooms and elevators at the opposite end of the studio. In addition, the Enforcers and Guards that also spawn in will attempt to re-arm the bomb, so players must protect the console from any arming attempts. Periodically, Pigstick will run over to the other side of the studio using a catwalk. Players must damage him enough to break his armor bar in order to progress.

Once Pigstick has taken enough damage, the Rikers will no longer continually spawn in and players must clear the room. Pigstick will disappear and prepare for a final rush to arm the bomb. He will appear from the side he was on and will sprint towards the console, and will not attack the players. At this point, the players must burst him down before arming the bomb. Once Pigstick has been killed, check in on the JTF and civilians and exit the studio back to the lobby.

Studio 4Edit

In order to progress to Studio 4, players must acquire the stage key from clearing all three previous areas. The key will drop with the boss loot of the third studio. Once the key has been obtained, players will open up a new door in the lobby and head out towards the studio entrance.

Wild Wild West Studio

Upon entering the western studio, players will see a JTF officer hogtied to a platform, before being dropped and left dangling in the air. Upon engaging the Rikers, player will come across a minigun turret being placed in the building set at the far end of the room, covering the center lane. Agents must clear the area with Rikers while also avoiding fire from the turret.

Upon clearing the room, the minigun will prepare to attack and kill the JTF hostages tied up around the studio. Once the timer indicated on the hud runs out, the minigun will begin to fire and attack the hostage, which will kill them instantly. As a result, players must protect the marked hostages by blocking them from the bullets. To do this, players must equip ballistic shields and place themselves in front of the hostage. Agents can better position themselves by using the cross stage markings on the floor in front of the hostage.

  • Only the hostages with an indicator on top of them will be targeted by the minigun, so players will have to make sure to check to see if that hostage is being targeted.
Wild West Gatling Gun

After protecting the hostage, players must detonate the pyrotechnic explosives to knock out the gun. The detonator console will be placed on the roofs of the buildings on the left or right sides of the studio. Players must go up to it and interact with it. However, this will cause the turret to target the one activating the bomb, requiring another to cover them with a ballistic shield. Once the bomb has been activated, the gun will be disabled and a named enemy will appear. This phase will require you to kill the named enemy in order to progress. Once the named enemy has been dispatched, the turret will start up again and begin to target the hostage. This process will repeat twice.

  • For the second and third hostage protection phases, The number of hostages Agents need to protect will increase. For Challenging difficulties, players must protect one and two respectively. For Heroic, players must protect two and then all three hostages respectively.

After taking out the second named enemy Bighorn, the third named enemy will play out differently. Riker waves are now constant, and include Hitman and Slingers. After protecting the hostages, the console to knock out the gun will be in the center lane. Once the bomb has been detonated, the turret will be disabled permanently, and the final named enemy Bobcat will spawn in.

This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me!
- Bobcat

Bobcat has substantially more health than the previous named enemies, and is equipped with a M870. He will first act like a standard Runner, but after a certain time he will changed behavior. Bobcat will buff himself to have 99% All Damage Resilience, effectively making him immune. He will also switch to a M249 B that deals heavy damage to players even from long range, and is capable of downing players in just one second. When he is buffed he will displayed blue pulse markings similar to the Survivor Link, an icon above his head will display the duration, and his archetype symbol will also display the buff indicators. When he is buffed, players are advised to simply avoid all damage and not attack him, and focus on surviving the duration of the buff.

Players must kill Bobcat to stop the Rikers from spawning in. Inflicting status effects can help temporarily stun him to use a Tactical Link and burst him down. The more time it takes to fight him, the harder will will be due to the buff periods and constant spawning Rikers.

Once the room has been cleared, free the three hostages and the incursion will be complete.

Item Drops and Rewards Edit

  • Loot drops from all Named Enemies
  • Mission completion rewards

Named EnemiesEdit

Studio 1Edit


  • Uses a Dazzler blinding laser, similar to LMB Tier 2 Snipers

Studio 2Edit


  • Throws grenades almost instantly, and without exposing himself while in cover.

Studio 3Edit


Studio 4Edit


  • Uses a M870 and M249 B
  • Can buff him self to have 99% ADR, effectively making him immune.
  • Has higher health and damage values than other Runners.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Incursion that involves protecting friendly hostages from enemies.
  • This is the second Incursion that has the Rikers as the enemy faction.
  • This is the second Incursion with multiple named enemies, the first was Dragon's Nest (due to Four Horsemen unit).
  • Stolen Signal is the first activity that introduces a Rusher named enemy.
  • The song that briefly plays in Studio 2 is Beast Mode by Kevin "Clav" McPherson.


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