Seven months after the Green Poison outbreak, several Division agents are defending a civilian settlement from a bandit attack. In the middle of the attack, the SHD Network, the system controlling their advanced technology and communications, suddenly shuts down, and they receive a Division distress call from Washington, D.C.

Retaking the Capital

The player’s agent makes their way to the city where The Division and the remains of the local Joint Task Force have set up their Base of Operations in the White House. After defeating an attack on the White House shortly after arriving in the city, the agent is briefed on the general situation by Manny Ortega, The Division Coordinator for D.C.

The agent learns that much of the city is under the control of three main enemy factions: the Hyenas, a loosely organized group of several gangs, criminals, and anarchists who seek to take advantage of the chaos, the Outcasts, a fanatical group made up of the survivors of the Roosevelt Island quarantine zone, whom seek to exact revenge on those they believe responsible for their imprisonment and eventual infection, and the True Sons, a highly organized and ruthless group of former Joint Task Force personnel, paramilitaries, and other traitors who seek to gain control over the entire capital. Ortega instructs the agent to work with fellow agent Alani Kelso to help assist civilian settlements, fight the various enemy groups, and restore the SHD Network.

Meanwhile, Ortega and Kelso uncover information that a cure to Green Poison might be located somewhere in the city, and that President Ellis may have survived the crash of Air Force One and is being held by one of the city's factions. Kelso is reluctant to waste time and resources to rescue Ellis, but Ortega points out that his security clearance may be needed to access the cure.

The agent continues to work to liberate city districts and eventually manages to find and rescue Ellis from Hyena custody. Ellis confirms that a cure to not just Green Poison, but all viral infections, exists, but he can only access it with a special briefcase he had with him on Air Force One. However, the briefcase is in the possession of the True Sons who are holding it in their main base at the United States Capitol. With the Capitol too fortified to assault yet, the agent works to strengthen The Division's forces while continuing to weaken the other factions.

Eventually, the agent is able to restore the SHD Network, connecting all Division agents nationwide, restoring the power and advantages of the Strategic Homeland Division to all agents across the United States. With the tide turning against them, the various factions retreat to their final strongholds - the District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, and the United States Capitol. Victories in each stronghold break the factions up and remove their leadership permanently, leaving the factions disorganized and in disarray.

The Invasion

However, as the agent and The Division celebrate their victory, a new faction, the technologically advanced private security contractor Black Tusk, invades the city. Many of D.C.'s landmarks are quickly seized and Ellis goes missing, leaving the agent to head out once again to repel the Black Tusk invasion.

During this time, ECHOs and Comms reveal that the Black Tusk was responsible for the shutting down of the SHD Network and that they had been planning an invasion long before the agent had arrived, supplying arms to the Hyenas and what not. Similarly, the invasion causes mass chaos in D.C., with formerly liberated areas suddenly becoming hot zones and the settlements coming under threat once again.

Despite this, the agent fights through each and every landmark once again, eventually somewhat stabilizing the situation in D.C., and is able to access the Broad-Spectrum Antivirals, apparently hidden in the Ellipse Complex near The White House. It is there that the agent discovers that Ellis had actually handed the Antivirals over to Black Tusk members and that they are now being held at the Black Tusk Tidal Basin Headquarters (in West Potomac Park).

Following this, the agent launches an ambitious invasion to finally remove the Black Tusk from D.C. by attacking Tidal Basin, as well as recovering the antivirals. The mission nearly ends in disaster, with desperate Black Tusk leadership attempting to launch a missile at The White House, but the agent eventually prevails, recovering the antivirals. Despite this, D.C. remains in total disarray, with four major hostile factions now jostling for power over the city in various different ways, while President and traitor Andrew Ellis remains missing. At this point, agents have samples of a broad-spectrum antiviral, but they have no way of reproducing them. For this, they'd need a perfusion bioreactor.

The Outskirts

After a short amount of time passes, both President Ellis and Emeline Shaw are located in the outskirts of Washington, D.C. President Ellis has taken refuge in Camp White Oak, which is under Black Tusk control. The agent assaults the base with a group of JTF for support. The JTF are quickly killed in a trap, leaving just the agents to secure President Ellis. After fighting through waves of Black Tusk, President Ellis manages to escape via helicopter, leaving the agents behind. Emeline Shaw gathers her forces to the Manning National Zoo.

Division agents are given the task of bringing Shaw in, dead or alive. To do this, they are dropped outside the entrance to the zoo, and must secure the monorail line in order to access Shaw. After the agents manage to secure the line, they have to fight through several more waves of Outcasts, and some animals that were left behind, to reach Emeline. In a final stand-off, Division agents must plant explosives to knock out Emeline's weaponized monorail car. During this fight, Emeline is killed, leaving the Outcasts without a leader.

At the same time, a JTF convoy that had previously been assumed to have gone rogue is located. They had been attacked by Outcasts outside Kenley College, and their attackers had secured military-grade technology, a mobile SHD communicator, and several tanks of chemicals that could be used to make bombs. Division agents are tasked with both recovering or destroying the stolen materials, and finding out the final fate of the convoy.

Meanwhile, in D.C. a minor civilian community in the Central Aquarium is under attack from Hyenas, and Division agents receive a distress signal. NSA Site B13 is also being breached by the Black Tusk, which are after the data center held within. While defending the data center, Division agents discover several audio logs detailing the NSA's awareness of Gordon Amherst's radical views.

Operation Dark Hours

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Operation Iron Horse

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The Last Castle

Division agents receive a transmission from an agent currently scouting out The Pentagon. They were looking to see if DARPA had successfully made a perfusion bioreactor, but they ran into a major Black Tusk operation. Agents in D.C. are tasked with securing and investigating The Pentagon in hopes of recovering the reactor.

Coney Island

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Aaron Keener makes a deal with the Black Tusk stationed on Coney Island. They will get Vitaly Tchernenko and in exchange, they'll owe him a favor. The Black Tusk accept and quarantine Tchernenko just in case he had infected himself whilst he was working for Keener. This is when an SHD drone finds the encampment and relays the information back to The White House. Agents are dispatched to Coney Island to recover Vitaly and neutralize the Black Tusk in the area.

Division agents successfully breach the ballpark and rescue Tchernenko, despite heavy mortar barrage. Tchernenko is extracted via helicopter and is taken into Division custody. At this point, while the Black Tusk is retreating, the Cleaners launch a surprise attack. This causes the majority of the Black Tusk to be forced to leave, while their local commander, Dolores Jones, stays behind to make a final stand at the roller coaster. The Cleaners promptly blow it up. At this point, the Cleaners retreat and Division agents clean up the rest of the Black Tusk on Coney Island.

After Dolores Jones was eliminated, a SHD drone got hacked and crashed in New York City. Aaron Keener made an ominous message to Division agents, telling them he'll always be one step ahead of them.

Warlords of New York

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A group of agents moves in on Aaron Keener's suspected location, only to find the room empty. Due to Keener's repeated escapes, Division Command in Lower Manhattan decides to call on backup from D.C. to assist in Keener's capture.

The player, along with Agent Kelso, arrive at the Division Command located in City Hall. The Command is under siege Aaron Keener, his rogue lieutenants, and the Rikers. The building is quickly destroyed and contaminated, becoming a control point later on. With their base destroyed, The Division makes contact with a nearby civilian settlement, Haven, to ask if they can stay there while Aaron Keener is being hunted down. Haven, led by Paul Rhodes, initially denies them access but later begrudgingly allows it under the condition that The Division will leave after Keener is neutralized.

Throughout the hunt against Keener, they went and eliminated his four lieutenants; James Dragov, Theo Parnell, Vivian Conley, and Javier Kajika to get any intel about Keener's whereabouts and his plans. The Division finally managed to get Keener's location, which is on Liberty Island. However, Black Tusk was already there and were planning to eliminate Keener themselves.

Despite Black Tusk's efforts, Division agents managed to eliminate their forces, forcing them to retreat. The agents go through Keener's base and learn that Project Eclipse is a ballistic missile filled with Keener's weaponized virus. Keener was planning to launch the missile on Manhattan, to start a "new beginning".

Despite all the SHD tech equipment at his disposal, the agents managed to disable his missile. Then they went to a prolonged fight against the rogue agent, which ended with him badly wounded. In his final moments, Keener activates the Rogue Network, before ominously taunting the agents before he dies.

Division agents intercept a conversation between Faye Lau and Bardon Schaeffer through Keener's watch and learn that Faye has went rogue and sided with Black Tusk, proclaiming that she will help them in ending The Division once and for all.

Shadow Tide

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Despite the victory against Aaron Keener, the activation of the Rogue Network further complicates things. To make matters worse, a Rogue Cell led by Molly "Jupiter" Henderson are planning a devastating attack on D.C. The first of them was Chadwick “Neptune” Brandon III who took over the Western Region of the city. After liberating areas in that region, Division agents managed to pin down Neptune and end him. After that, Lucy “Venus” Anders took over the Northeastern Region of the city. After liberating areas in that region, Division agents managed to pin down Venus and end her. After that, Division agents discover that Mary “Saturn” Masters is hiding in Lower Manhattan to run logistics to Henderson. After tracking her down, they pin down Saturn and end her. Afterwards, Ryan “Mercury” Chang has taken over the Southern to Eastern Region of D.C. but The Division managed to liberate them and pin Mercury down at the East Mall and end him. Collecting all the data from the four rogue agents managed to revealed Jupiter as the former Outcast Stronghold, Roosevelt Island. After infiltrating it, hacked comms revealed that the crash plane has experimental EMP weapons and the Cleaners are taking them out to an unknown location. After a massive firefight between Jupiter’s Cleaners, Jupiter herself, and The Division, Jupiter was killed and her Cleaners either fled or are dead with The Division acquiring Jupiter’s EMP sticky bomb mod.

Keener’s Legacy

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Presumably after the Events in "Shadow Tide", a new Rogue Cell has been activated. This new cell is led by Carter "Hornet" Leroux, who survived the fight with The Agent at the Russian Consulate in the previous game after Keener retrieved him and, with help of Lori "Termite" Baker, restarted his heart. After Keener's death, he secured the formula for the Eclipse virus and formed the new Rogue Cell with Termite, Tegan "Luna" Silver, Elija "Huntsman" Le and Jason "Titan" Barnes and formed an alliance with the Outcasts. After tracking down and eliminating all of Hornet's partners, The Agents are able to track Hornet's location to the former Black Tusk Stronghold, Tidal Basin. After launching an attack at the Eclipse ridden base, The Division is able to neutralize Hornet, securing his Healing Trap mod, and force the Outcasts to withdraw

Concealed Agenda

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End of Watch

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