"Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia"
— Motto; Latin. Literal translation is "Extreme Evil, Extreme Remedy." More commonly translated as the proverb, "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

The Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), referred to as "The Division", is a classified unit of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division and Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The players take the role of Division agents.

Goals and Purpose

The main objective of The Division is to ensure the continuity of government in the case of a catastrophic emergency. There is a possibility their jurisdiction is worldwide as they are brought in when society falls. Released in waves, Division agents are activated when all other forms of public protection have failed and the President signs Directive 51 in order to activate The Division.

Following the completion of the mission and averting the crisis, The Division agents are deactivated and return to their daily lives.


Agents are hand-picked from various aspects of society. Commonly they have a background in military, law enforcement, intelligence community, rescue services or engineering. They are approached and recruited based on a set of criteria. Such recruitment can take a long time to make sure the candidate fits the profile and is suited for this type of job, and often, candidates are recommended by word of mouth from existing members. Once the Strategic Homeland Division has determined a candidate has adequately fulfilled requirements, candidates are offered to join.

After joining, members are trained by other top tier operatives. When candidates successfully complete their training, they return to their daily lives. A key component of The Division is that members exist in the "shadows" and function like a normal member of society. Their own families don't even know about their appointment to the agency.



At some point following the Operation Dark Winter training exercise, the President signed Directive 51 to create The Division, as preparation, should the circumstances following Operation Dark Winter become realized. The Division began recruiting and training many men and women from the populace to become their sleeper agents. Despite Directive 51 being kept secret, information about it's existence was leaked, and reporters like Rick Valassi were actively investigating it.

The First Wave

In response to the burgeoning anarchy in wake of the Green Poison outbreak on Manhattan, The Division activated it's First Wave of agents to carry out the mission and aid the Joint Task Force, with the brunt of the wave sent to defend central Manhattan, where the virus was originally released and where the anarchy began.

Infighting and Going Rogue

The Division's operations in central Manhattan failed, and the JTF was forced to evacuate and construct a wall around central Manhattan, creating the Dark Zone, and leaving many First Wave agents to fend for themselves. Angered by the heavy casualties the First Wave suffered in the Dark Zone, Aaron Keener decided to go rogue, convinced many of his fellow surviving agents to do so as well, and killed off those still loyal to the Division. Keener made contact with Charles Bliss of the Last Man Battalion and aligned his agents with PMCs. The former making use of the latter's manpower and supplies, and the latter utilized the Division technology in exchange. In response to the inevitable arrival of the Second Wave, Keener arranged for the LMB to arm a surface-to-air missile to destroy the helicopter transporting Second Wave personnel.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Arrival of the Second Wave

A Second Wave Division agent (the player's character) has been activated and was currently in Brooklyn. They made their way to the local safe house and made contact with fellow agent Faye Lau. After restoring order to Brooklyn and helping the JTF retake control of the police precinct, the agent joined Faye at the landing zone to meet Commander Chang. However, much to their shock and horror, the VTOL is destroyed by the LMB's SAM, killing Chang and a part of the Second Wave personnel on board, and severely wounding Faye. A JTF helicopter comes to their aid and transports the two agents to Camp Hudson.

After landing, the agent makes their way to the JTF's Base of Operations in Pennsylvania Plaza. Finding the base under attack by Rioters, the agent comes to the aid of the JTF garrison and repels them. After saving the base, the agent meets Faye again, but her injuries from the Division VTOL's destruction made her unfit to carry out the mission alongside the agent. Instead, Faye provides support to the agent by becoming the acting Division Commander.

Medical Wing

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Tech Wing

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Security Wing

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The Ultimatum

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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

  • TBA


  • Analytics: Handles information processing and data management from secured locations across the nation.
  • Strategic: Act as extra security and staff detail to government officials and leaders across the nation.
  • Tactical: Are the boots on the ground that handle field work.


Division agents carry advanced weapons and gear alongside state of the art technology. Some of their equipment must also be scavenged, bartered, earned, or received in special packs and kits. Some of their gear bears their agency's logo.




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Advanced Technology

Division Agents

Players take the role of agents in the Strategic Homeland Division. Their main task is to save what's left of New York City. Because of the independent nature of these agents, and the Division being a self-supported tactical unit, they may attack other agents and go rogue or join up with other agents to accomplish their task.

Non-Player Characters

Division Commanders

These people lead the wave of agents. Each commander is responsible for their respective wave.

Dark Zone Vendors

These non-combatant Division agents reside within the Dark Zone's safe-houses and checkpoints. Their merchandise can only be purchased with DZ Credits.

Rogue Agents (Last Man Battalion)

Dissatisfied and angered by the heavy casualties they sustained in trying to maintain control of the Dark Zone, many of the remaining agents of the First Wave went rogue. Led by Aaron Keener (who also convinced them to go rogue), they slaughtered other First Wave Division agents still loyal to the Division and formed an alliance with the Last Man Battalion. They are among the most dangerous enemies in the game.

Important People

The First Wave

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