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The enemy factions in D.C. have their main foothold in the form of strongholds and serve as the pinnacle activities in the Main Story and from World Tiers 1 to 5. Only unlocked after completing the last Mission, Strongholds are required to be completed in order to progress to the Endgame and to promote a World Tier.

Faction Strongholds

Facing setbacks in D.C., the remaining Hyenas have fallen back to the District Union Arena, which is where their top command, the Hyena Council, is located at as well. With the lowest level requirement of 26, this is the easiest Stronghold the player will face.

Falling back to Roosevelt Island, the Outcasts are making their final stand together with their leader, Emeline Shaw. Players must intercept her before she makes her escape. Having a level requirement of 28, this is the second most hardest Stronghold the player will face.

The True Sons have fallen back to the Capitol Building together with their founder and general, Antwon Ridgeway. The player must storm the heavily fortified Capitol and reclaim President Ellis' briefcase, which is said to contain the cure to many viral infections, and finally, to confront General Ridgeway himself. As the final Stronghold and Main Story activity with the level requirement of 30, this is the hardest Stronghold and Activity the player will face before entering the Endgame. After finishing this Stronghold, you will be given World Tier 1.

Invaded Strongholds

With the Black Tusk invasion, each former Stronghold has been taken by the Black Tusk, requiring the player to complete them once more. In order to access an Invaded Stronghold, the Player must complete 2 specific Invaded Missions that are linked to each Invaded Stronghold.

Unlike those in the Main Story, an Invaded Stronghold can be done in any order, and by completing a Stronghold will promote the Player to the next World Tier, increasing difficulty and rewards.

  • District Union Arena (Invaded)

Attempting to secure the Hyena supplies, the Black Tusk invaded the former Hyena Stronghold in an attempt to further strengthen their grip on D.C. In order to gain access to this Stronghold, players must also clear the Black Tusk presence in the Grand Washington Hotel and the Jefferson Trade Center.

  • Roosevelt Island (Invaded)

After the Roosevelt Island Quarantine, the island is highly contaminated, leaving behind lots of samples of the virus. The Black Tusk Chemical Team has been ordered to secure the samples from the island. In order to gain access to this Stronghold, Players must also clear the Black Tusk presence in the Federal Emergency Bunker and the Potomac Event Center.

  • Capitol Building (Invaded)

Utilizing former True Sons supplies, the Black Tusk is using the Capitol Building as a staging area to launch coordinated attacks on D.C. In order to gain access to this Stronghold, players must also clear the Black Tusk presence in the Air & Space Museum and the Space Administration HQ.

The Black Tusk has its main base in Tidal Basin and is their final Stronghold. Preparing to extract the antivirals that President Ellis gave them, the player must clear out the 3 other Strongholds in order to access Tidal Basin, and push the Black Tusk out of the city once and for all, take back what they have stolen and stop Milla "Wyvern" Radek from firing missiles at the White House. As the final activity to allow players to access World Tier 5, this is the hardest Stronghold the players will ever face.

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