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Submachine Guns (SMG) are a category of weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division. They are close range weapons, having high rate of fire and good handling.


Submachine Guns are used for close-range engagements, where their high rate of fire would outperform other weapons. They are also easy to handle due to low recoil and high stability.


Submachine guns are high rate of fire, low damage weapons. They operate best at short range, but they have rather good handling traits to compensate. SMGs also have a in-class bonus of increased Critical Hit Chance, increasing chances to land critical hits and deal more damage towards enemies. It should be noted that while headshots provide increased damage no matter what weapon a player uses, SMGs benefit the least from them of all the weapon classes, as they have the smallest headshot bonus damage modifier of 50%. However they are inherently worse at suppressing enemies compared to any other weapon type with sidearms being the only exception.


Exotic Submachine Guns


  • In Update 1.4, the SMG bonus Critical Hit Chance was replaced with bonus Critical Hit Damage.
    • With Update 1.6, the Critical Hit Chance has been added back.

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