Whoever just turned on the lights, you're either JTF, or you're really fucking lost. Either way, thanks.
- Paul Rhodes

Subway Morgue is the first Tech Tech main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Pre- Mission Dialogue Edit

Paul Rhodes: Jesus H. Christ. I want to give big "fuck you" to whoever sent me into this -- it's knee-deep in dead bodies, which means it's drawing Cleaners like flies. If I can keep myself from getting fried. I think I can get the power flowing, but that's a big if.

Briefing Edit

Faye Lau: One of our top priorities is securing power. Our best bet for a secure source is the line running through the unfinished Passway project. A small crew under a former combat engineer named Paul Rhodes went in to do the job. They haven't come out, and his comms are offline. Get us that power and recover Rhodes, in that order. One's important. The other's vital.

Description Edit

The local power outage has been traced to the Subway Morgue generators. Locate missing JTF engineer Paul Rhodes, assist him in restoring power, and allow him to return to the Base of Operations to open up the Tech Wing.


  • Investigate the Subway Morgue
  • Gain Entry to the Subway Morgue site
  • Reach the relay terminal
  • Activate the relay terminal
  • Reach the relay substation
  • Activate the power relay
  • Reach the secondary substation
  • Reconnect the circuit breaker
  • Reach the primary substation
  • Reconnect the circuit breaker
  • Reach control room
  • Wait for Rhodes
  • Neutralize the cleaner threat
  • Enter the elevator


Benchley - Incinerator


  • Tech 800 Tech Wing supplies
  • Credits 470 Credits
  • Exp 8,700
  • Standard Weapon
  • Engineer: Paul Rhodes
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