The Survival Gear Set consists of a black beanie with Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) logo, a red jacket, and black cargo pants, an AK-47 assault rifle with a custom skin, and a backpack with a bonus of 45 storage space. Originally this was available as part of the Exclusive Edition which is only available in the Russian region.

Suit Edit

The outfit consists of a dark red colored jacket, with black cargo pants and a combination black and gray beanie. The SHD symbol features prominently on the beanie.

Backpack Edit

Adds 45 storage space

Weapon Edit

The set's AK-47 assault rifle appears to come with a custom red skin. It is unclear at this time if the skin is part of the weapon, as with the case of the Cassidy, or Caduceus, or if it will function like a regular skin.

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